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Which UK Online Casinos Offer Craps?

Craps is one of the quintessential gambling games, and there is very little variation in the rules whether you play in Macau, Monte Carlo or Las Vegas. This classic casino game can be confusing to some new players, because there are a lot of different bets you can make.

However, the only important bet you should look at when deciding where to play craps online involves the maximum odds offered to you on your point bets. Confused already? No worries, it’s simple.

Craps betting explained

The house tends to make the most money on your initial pass line bet. However, once you have established a point (we’ll get to that later), the casino is offering you true odds with no edge either way.

Because of this, you should try to put as much money on this true odds bet as possible. That way, you’re losing less over the long run. If the casino only allows you to place twice your pass line bet on a point, then that’s a casino you should not play craps at.

One of the reasons this might sound so confusing to online casino players in the UK is that many UK online casinos don’t actually offer craps at all. If you want to play this classic game, you’ll need to find out where to play craps online.

Fortunately, we’ve done the research for you and found what we think are the best places to roll the dice and try to strike it lucky at online craps.

How to play craps

Craps has a reputation of being one of the more complicated games to play in a casino. In live casinos, they’ll often offer lessons to people who want to learn, in the mornings when the tables aren’t busy. It’s fair that craps has a lot of betting options and that can seem overwhelming to the new player. However, like many complicated things, it’s simple once you know it.

You don’t have time to read an essay, so we won’t go into every single option and bet on the table. In essence, the main draw of craps is the “pass line” and the odds bets you can make.

Betting on the pass line

You place one bet on the pass line and then the dice are rolled. This is called the “come out roll” and shapes the game. If a 2, 3 or 12 is rolled you lose the bet; if a 7 or 11 is rolled you win; if any other number is rolled, a “point” is now established and you may place another bet, called the “odds” bet, on that number.

This odds bet is one of the best bets you can make in a casino. There is no house edge on it whatsoever. Now the only goal is to roll the point again before a 7 is rolled. If a 7 is rolled, the house wins almost all the bets on the table; if the point is rolled, you win your odds bet.

Betting against the pass line

Another way of betting is to bet against the people who are betting on the pass line. This is called a “Don’t Pass” bet, and it’s actually one of the best bets on the table. With this bet, you are trying to get a 7 before the point is rolled again.

Strategy for craps

There isn’t really a huge amount of in-depth strategy involved in learning how to play craps, but there are bets that are significantly better for you than others and it’s important to recognise these.

The pass and don’t pass lines are the most frequently played bets at most tables. From a house edge perspective, they’re not terrible. As a general rule, the longer the odds are of something happening, the bigger the house edge will be.

By playing the pass line and establishing a point, you’re given true odds on the points. These are by far the best bets to make – not just on the craps table, but in literally any casino game. If you’re looking to minimise the house edge, max out your odds and get the best chance of winning.

A lot of people treat craps as a “team game” in which a group of players are trying to beat the house. Because of this, sometimes people betting on the don’t pass bet is seen as insulting and might get criticised in a live casino. Be careful not to offend the wrong people if you celebrate a house win.

Craps is one of the few games where a group of gamblers are all rooting for or against the same thing, which makes it one of the most fun casino games to play.

Playing craps online FAQ

If you have any more questions about playing craps online in the UK, hopefully these will clear them up for you.

What is the house edge in online craps?

The house edge in craps is not fixed, because it will be different depending on the type of bet you make. The don’t pass bet has one of the lowest house edges in casino games at 1.36%, while the pass bet has a house edge of 1.41%. The odds bets have no house edge, which makes them the best bets you can make in any casino game.

Do I need to memorise all the possible bets?

No, not at all. As we stated above, just knowing the basics of craps (check the Pass and Don’t Pass betting guides again) is enough. There are dozens of different bets at a craps table, and it’s unlikely that anyone but the most die-hard craps fan knows all of them inside out!

What does it mean to take the odds in craps?

A player may “take the odds” if they have an active pass line bet and a point is rolled. This bet pays off if the point is rolled before a seven, but with better odds than on the pass line bet. There is no house edge on these bets.

Are there any systems to beat craps?

There are no systems or strategies to beat craps over the long term, though in live casinos many players like to bet on the don’t pass line and take plenty of casino comps to turn a profit. Online, you can do nothing but manage your bankroll and hope for a lucky streak.