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Where Are Fruit Machines Available For Real Money Play Online?

Fruit machines” is a term that is often used interchangeably with “slot machines”, but this is an oversimplification. In our experience dealing with online casino players and gamblers, we’ve found that fruit machine fans aren’t quite looking for the same things from their online gambling experience as slots players.

Fruit machines and slot machines: what’s the difference?

So, if the two terms are technically referring to the same thing (which they are), then what is the distinction between the two?

Well, while all fruit machines are slot machines, not all slot machines are fruit machines. Fruit machines got their name because the old-school three-reel slot machines (as opposed to the more common five-reel setup today) generally used fruit symbols like lemons, bananas and – most famously – cherries as symbols.

Because of this, we use the term “fruit machines” to describe the slot machines and online slots games that are stylistically similar to the older, more vintage slot machines.

In short, as a general rule: if you play it in Las Vegas with a cocktail, it’s a slot machine; if you play it down the pub with a pint, it’s a fruit machine.

Fruit machines at online casinos

It’s not uncommon to find the more vintage machines, aka fruit machines, at online casinos. Below are some of our most highly-recommended online casinos that offer fruit machines.

Table last verified correct on December 15, 2016.

If you do prefer playing the modern slots games, with complex bonus rounds and a lot of paylines set around a specific theme or story, then we recommend you mosey on over to our list of the best UK online casinos for slots.

However, if you enjoy three-reel machines and a simpler form of slots, then this page is the right place for you.

How to play online fruit machines

If you’ve ever been to a pub in the UK, you’re familiar with fruit machines. As we established, they are very similar to slot machines and require almost no player input apart from inserting the money and hitting buttons.

The best thing you can do as a slots player or fruit machine aficionado is to figure out which machines are right for you. This may be for a variety of reasons; it’s easy to head to YouTube and look up different machines. Typically, you’ll find videos of the machine in play and see how the game tends to perform. It may also be useful to look up different machine manufacturers and see the style of games they produce.

Some games are very volatile and have high variance, which means that you’ll lose fairly often but when you win, you win big. Other games have low variance, so you’ll win or lose small amounts frequently.

The big bad bonus

The biggest allure of fruit machines, just like slot machines, is the bonus or jackpot feature.

If you find a fruit machine online where you enjoy the bonus feature, the game is sure to become one of your favourites. Bear in mind that it’s usually pretty hard to trigger the bonus feature, and that’s because you can potentially win huge amounts.

It’s important to conserve your bankroll and decide on a bet amount that will trigger the bonus without busting you. Make sure you have enough to bet around 100 to 200 times before stopping. That should give you a good shot at hitting the bonus and winning a decent chunk of change.