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Top UK Online Casinos For Slots Players

Slots are the most popular online casino game and they can be a great and exciting way to spend your time at an online casino.

One important part of choosing a casino at which to play online slots is taking the casino rewards program into consideration. Online casino welcome bonuses can differ wildly, and while some casinos have lucrative rewards programs for slot players, others don’t have one at all. That’s why our chosen online casinos all have fantastic welcome packages and loyalty programs.

When you play online slots at one of our selected casinos, you’ll find a wide choice of games to suit all players. The best UK online casinos all have a huge range of slots, from interactive themed games to the simple, minimalist fruit machines we all know and love.

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Perhaps the most important thing to consider when choosing a place to play slots is the game selection. Most players want to try a bunch of games before settling on a few that they play regularly, and others simply want to try different games all the time.

How to play online slots

Slots have basically no input other than just putting the money in the machine and hitting the buttons, so you don’t need to learn any complicated strategy or best techniques. However, it is very helpful to learn how online slots work so you can understand how to win.

To begin, you will select your bet size and the number of paylines to bet on. This figure is multiplied to a total bet; for example if you wager $1.50 0n 25 paylines, you will be betting $37.50 in total for that spin.

What are paylines?

A payline is the (usually left-to-right) order that matching symbols must fall in to pay out a win. For example, a simple one-payline fruit machine will require you to land three consecutive symbols across the middle of each of the three reels in order to win. That line of symbols is a payline.

Many online slots have at least 20 paylines, and some have as many as 50. These aren’t necessarily straight across the reels from left-to-right, but sometimes zig-zag or move up and down from reel to reel. The online slot should have a paytable or information button for you to look at so that you know which paylines will pay out a win.

How do you win playing slots?

Once you’ve selected your bet and lines, spin the reels. You’ll receive a win for every series of matching symbols you land on consecutive reels, usually from left to right.

These wins are paid per payline, so you usually have to hit multiple payline wins in order to profit on that spin. However, with 20 or more paylines in play, you’ll very rarely win on just one payline. For example, if you wager $1 per line on 20 lines, you may lose on 17 lines but win $6 on one line, $5 on another line and $11 on a third line you’ll have made a $2 profit on that spin despite losing most of the lines.

Slots symbols and scoring

Online slots will have various symbols on the reels, each worth different amounts. Often they will include the poker card ranks of 10, J, Q, K and A as the lower-scoring symbols, while slot-specific symbols will pay out more. A three-of-a-kind (three consecutive symbols) is usually the minimum requirement for a payline win, with up to five-of-a-kind possible.

Wild symbols and scatter symbols are often the most valuable. Scatter symbols pay “scattered”, which means they often don’t have to appear consecutively from left to right in order to count as a payline win. Wild symbols act just like wild cards, in that they can take the place of any other symbol to make payline wins.

How to choose an online slot

The best thing you can do is figure out which machines are right for you. Much of this will come down to personal preference, but of course you want to play a game that gives you a good chance of winning.

It’s easy to go on YouTube and look up different games that you might want to play and see how the game tends to perform. It’s also good to look up different manufacturers to learn about the style of games that they tend to make. Some popular slot manufacturers are IGT, NetEnt, and Playtech.

It’s also really important to always use your player’s rewards card when you play slots because the rewards tend to be better than any other game in the house. Free offers from casinos have been going down over the years, so anywhere that gives you free stuff is going to be one of the best places to play!

Online slot volatility

There are two kinds of slot machine: high volatility slots and low volatility slots.

The differences between them are simple. High volatility games don’t pay out wins often, but the wins they do pay out tend to be huge. Low volatility games will consistently pay out small wins, but you’ll rarely make a huge score playing them.

The one that you prefer will depend on your own tastes. Some games have very high volatility and you tend to lose most of the time but when you win, you win pretty big. Other games have very low volatility so you win or lose small amounts all the time.

Because of this, it’s important to ensure your bankroll is sufficient; a high volatility slot will require a more conservative bankroll approach if you want to continue playing indefinitely.

Return to Player percentages

The Return to Player (RTP) is a percentage expressing how much you can expect to see returned on average when playing an online slot. It’s expressed as a percentage, so a game with an RTP of 95.64% will, on average, return £9.56 for every £10 you wager.

Of course, because this is an average statistic over the long-term, you’ll find that a £10 wager rarely returns that much. Some £10 bets will result in a £76.98 win, others in a £5.12 win, others in a loss. However, the average expectation is £9.56 for every £10 wagered; if you were somehow able to play an infinite number of spins, that figure would be the result.

Online slot progressive jackpots

Lots of slot machines have progressive jackpots which go up the more people play the machine. A progressive jackpot accumulates over tens of thousands of spins, often from multiple games all pooling together. A small fraction of each wager contributes to the progressive jackpot, which can often reach into the millions or even tens of millions!

If you’re going for progressive jackpots then you may be playing a while and you should generally only play them if the jackpot is pretty big.

Online slot bonus features

The big allure of the new slot machines is the bonus feature. Find a machine where you enjoy the bonus feature and it’ll make the game a big favorite of yours. It’s usually pretty hard to trigger the bonus feature, though, so it’s important you conserve your bankroll usually and decide on a bet amount that you will be able to hit the bonus on even if you get particularly unlucky on any given day. Make sure you have enough to bet 100-200 times before stopping when you play; that will give you a pretty good chance to hit the bonus and win a decent amount.