Last Chance To Win With Pair Collector

Bet365’s awesome poker promotion is back but there’s only a few more days to take advantage and win your share of €14,000 in freeroll prizes. Pair Collector is on.

Pair Collector: win freeroll prizes

We all like being dealt pairs in No Limit Hold’em poker games, right?

Being dealt queens, kings or aces is obviously a fantastic feeling because you know you’ve almost definitely got the best hand. Being dealt a small pair gives you the excitement of potentially flopping a sneaky set to win a huge pot.

Now, being dealt a pair is even better – be dealt pairs playing cash games to win your seat in €1,000 or €10,000 freerolls.

How to take part

It’s easy, and there’s not a moment to lose:

  • Open the Bet365 Poker lobby
  • Open the Missions section
  • Start the Pair Collector Missions for that day or week
  • Play poker

About the Pair Collector freerolls

The freerolls are all-in shootout tournaments, which means that once you register you don’t have to play – your prize is essentially determined at random, so there’s no worry about whether you can free up some time!

Daily €1,000 freerolls take place at 20:00 GMT each day, and to qualify you simply have to be dealt four different pairs on any one day.

The €10,000 freeroll takes place on Sunday at 21:00 GMT. To qualify for this, you must be dealt eight unique pairs during the week. If you’re dealt 10 pairs, you’ll receive two freeroll tickets!

Bet365 Poker bonus and welcome offer

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Terms and conditions

Only hands played after pressing Start in the Missions tab will count towards Pair Collector.

Daily qualifying periods run from 00:00 GMT to 23:59 GMT, except the final period which runs until 18:59 GMT.

Unique pairs refers to rank alone and not suit. For this promotion, Ac-As is the same hand as Ad-Ah.