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Better Odds to Win? Try Your Hand at Video Poker at bet365 Games

There is no doubt that online poker remains very popular today as it did at the height of the poker boom in the mid 2000s. Online tournaments and poker rooms can still attract plenty of players, from the newer players with smaller bankrolls, to some of the most experienced and wealthy online players you can find in the world today.

However, for many people, the one problem that playing poker online causes, is one of time. Playing in a tournament or grinding out a profit at the tables, can take hours and hours of your time and for many people, that is simply not feasible for them to play, especially when they may have work and family commitments.

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So what can you do if you want a poker hit but don’t have a huge amount of time to play? Well one option is the burgeoning Video Poker industry, which is one of the most player-friendly games you can find in a modern online casino. Not only are these games affordable to play, you can play a game in seconds and you don’t even need specialist poker knowledge to win, just the basics.

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We have brought you three different types of Video Poker games you can play right now at bet365 Games, but before we do, let us first clarify what we mean by video poker and exactly how it is different to playing in a poker room or a poker tournament against other players.

Video Poker Explained

The most basic form of Video Poker is a game where you place your bet and then are dealt five cards. You can then elect to keep (hold) some, none or all of the cards you are dealt, or you can discard some, all or none of the cards to be replaced with new cards from the pack. Once you have done this, you then compare your poker hand and it is better than the minimum paying hand, you will win a cash prize. The stronger your hand, the better the prize you will win.

That said, there are mow more complex Video Poker games that take on more of the elements of Hold’em and it is these games in particular that we are going to focus on for the purposes of this article.

Top Three Video Poker Games Available At bet365 Games Now

  1. Tequila Poker

How would you like the chance to play a version of Video Poker where depending on the strength of your hand, you can elect to play one of two forms of the game after the hole cards have been dealt? If that sounds like a great idea then Tequila Poker is for you.

The game begins with you making a bet and receiving four hole cards. At this point, you will need to decide which of the two games to play, Tequila Poker or High Tequila (which uses the points total you can see displayed on the screen near to your cards).

In Tequila Poker, you play the game out like a version of Video Poker. Play on to have two more cards dealt to you. Upon which you can discard one to make the best five-card poker hand and if the hand ranks highly enough, you can win a cash prize of up to 200x your stake.

However, if you play High Tequila, then you use your points total for this game. The aim being to score as many points as possible (up to the maximum 54). Any points total of 46 or more will win you a cash prize, with the more points meaning the better value prize. Once again, you are dealt two more cards if you play this game and then the lowest value card is discarded to give you your final points total.

  1. Casino Hold’em Poker

If you want to play a game that is very like standard Hold’em, but a little faster and with less rounds of betting available, then Casino Hold’em Poker is a fine choice. Once you make your qualifying bet, you are then dealt your two hole cards face up and the dealer will receive their two hole cards too.

At this point, you can either bet or fold. If you bet, you will then see the flop and you can elect to either bet or fold again, Continue by betting on and you then get to see the turn and river cards together at the same time. You can then elect to bet once again to see the hand to completion.

To win, you need the dealers poker hand to qualify (that means rank above a stated value) and for your hand to beat the dealer. If you do, then the strength of your hand will determine how much your payout is with stronger hands, like a straight flush, paying more than weaker hands such as three of a kind.

Another version of the game, called Casino Hold’em is also available on the site too.

  1. Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker

If you are Texas Hold’em purist and love this particular form of the game, then this version of the game in Video Poker form is a great choice and it also comes with the option of a side bet which could see you win up to 1,000x that bet if you get lucky enough.

This version of the game plays out like a traditional Hold’em hand. You get dealt the hole cards, flop, turn and then river and after each you have a round of betting. Your aim is to beat the dealers hand and for the dealers hand to qualify. If you do, then how highly your hand ranks on the pay table will determine the payout you receive for that hand.

Additionally, if you choose to place a bonus bet, then you can also win a bonus prize based on the value of your two hole cards. The higher the value of these cards the better. If you and the dealer both land pairs of aces as your hole cards, then you will win a prize of 1000x your bonus bet.

Enjoy these Video Poker and a range of others, including progressive jackpot versions of the game, at bet365 Games now and over the Christmas period.