Younger Punters – 10 Top Tips For Better Betting At Bet365 Sport

Do you remember the time you placed your first bet? For many of you. it may well have been a cheap each way bet on the Grand National where your mum or dad put the bet on for you, but I am not talking about that first bet when you went into a betting shop (or onto a website) and placed a bet with your own money?

It seems strange to think that there was a time when every punter hadn’t placed a bet and that they broke new ground when wagering with a sports book.

However, guidance for newbie punters isn’t easy to find and many people can be left to their own devices when it comes to making a bet for the first time.

So, we have put together a handy hit list of ten tips for novice punters to help you get into good habits when you start betting, to help you bet responsibly and affordably and of course, to try and give you a better chance at picking the bets you are more likely to win.

We’re going to be using markets and odds available at bet365 Sport for this article,

So let’s begin with arguably the most important piece of advice for any novice punter.

Top Ten Novice Punter Gambling Tips

1. Always Bet Responsibly

This should be your mantra from your very first bet, through to your very last, but what do we mean by betting responsibly? Well, we mean only betting with money you can afford to lose, being open and honest with yourself and others about how much and how often you are betting, setting yourself limits on what you can deposit and spend on your betting and always ensuring that you control what you bet on, not let your betting control you.

This is the foundation for a lifelong enjoyment when betting and getting into good habits when you start wagering is always a smart move.

2. Have Realistic Expectations

So you are ready to place your first bet? Are you dreaming of that Ferrari on your driveway? A mansion? Holidays in the Maldives in your own beachside luxury villa? Well, they are nice dreams to have but the chances you will experience them through betting wins are very, very small.

Having realistic expectations about your bet is vital to maintaining a healthy relationship with betting. Sure landing that 10,000/1 accumulator would be lovely, but there is a reason it is 10,000/1, and that it that it is extremely unlikely to happen!

Don’t start betting thinking you are going to win. Assume the money you bet is spent and then if you do win, it is a nice surprise. This is a much healthier attitude than expecting to win and then being disappointed when you lose.

3. Set A Budget

We’ve already said you should only gamble what you can afford to lose and as a youngster, you may not have as much disposable income as someone who has been betting for 20-30 years and who may be much further along in their career than you.

As such, setting a budget for your spending and sticking to it is a very good strategy. Remember, don’t spend all your disposable income on betting. If you want to enjoy things with friends and family, budget for them and only use a fraction of that income you don’t need for your betting budget.

4. If You Win, Withdraw Some Or All Of Your Winnings And Treat Yourself!

If you bet using disposable income, then if you win then the income you generate should also be disposable, so don’t just leave it in your account and hand it back to the bookmaker. Withdraw some or all of your winnings and treat yourself or your friends and family to a treat.

Doing this gives you a healthier perspective on betting and means your loved ones get to share in the good fortune when you get it. Plus it’s nice to think that the bookmakers are paying for your meal out with your wife, or the night out with friends.

5. Remember, Hot And Cold Streaks Don’t Exist – It’s Just How You Interpret The Data

You’ll often hear people claiming that they are on a ‘no lose hot streak’ when they are betting, or that they have ‘gone cold and can’t land a winner’. The implication being that their fortune is such that no matter what bet they place, it is guaranteed to win.

While there can be periods where you may string several winning bets together, or hit a run of losing bets, there is no such thing as being able to manipulate luck in your favour!

It may feel like you can’t lose on a bet at the moment, or can’t win a bet to save your life, but that is just an illusion. You don’t have some mystical powers turning any horse you select into a guaranteed winner or loser, it is simply a quirk of statistics.

6. Stick To Betting On What You Know

It goes without saying that having knowledge about what you are going to bet on is important and the more knowledge and understanding you have of your markets, the better chances are that you will pick a bet that has a good chance of success.

As such, I always advise new punters to bet on what they know. So, if you are a keen football fan, stick to football betting. You’ll have more chance of picking better bets by betting on what you know, than guessing for a sport that you don’t.

7. A Little Research Can Go A Long Way

One of the best pieces of advice I can give you as a novice bettor is to research your bets. There are lots of great stats pages available on sites like bet365 Sport that can offer you details of a wide range of sports. Researching a potential bet will help you make better informed bets and pick the ones more likely to give you a chance of winning.

8. Start With Pre-Match Betting Before Trying Live Or In Play Betting

With pre-match betting, novice punters can take as much time as they like to place the bet with no time pressures (other than the start of the sporting contest you are betting on). This is a less pressured way to bet than Live In Play betting, which does have time constraints and which can see the odds on the bets you want to make change very quickly.

As such, I’d always recommend betting on pre-match events first until you are comfortable making bets before you venture into the In Play betting markets.

9. Check Out The Different Features On The Bet365 Site

Bet365 offers an extensive range of features for its customers when it comes to sports betting, including Live Streaming, Virtual Sports, Esports Betting, lots of different promotions and other offers, including a starter bonus, stats services and much more.  It is well worth having a look around at the different parts of the site to see what is on offer and what features on the site are likely to be of interest to you.

10. Never, Ever Chase Your Losses

In betting, one thing is certain. At some point, you’ll lose. What you do not want to do in any circumstance is chase those losses by making bets you cannot afford. As we said in our first tip, view any bet you make as money spent and that losing the cash is expected. That means rather than being disappointed and wanting to chase the loss when you lose, instead, you are pleasantly surprised when you win.

Chasing your losses is a mistake many gamblers make and it usually means giving the bookies more of your hard earned cash. If your bet loses, take it on the chin, realise that the odds are against you winning anyway and then move on.

Enjoyed responsibly, sports betting can be great fun with bet365 Sport and an easy way to add further interest to your favourite sports events.