Bubble Craze Slot Review


When is a slot not a slot? That’s a good question because as the lines between what is a slot become increasingly blurred, a perfect example of the genre comes in the form of the hugely popular Bubble Craze slot by IGT. Only is it right that we call this game a slot given that there are no reels to speak of and the fact that payouts and winning ‘lines’ are calculated in an entirely different way to the norm?

In Bubble Craze, we do away with reels and symbols entirely and what you have is a hexagon shaped matrix 3,4,5,4,3 bubbles across and the bubbles float into place on the screen from below. The aim of the game is to have as many of the same colour bubbles touching each other as you can. Four or more bubbles of the same colour touching will award you a cash prize, but the value of that prize increases with every additional bubble you land. In addition, some colour bubbles pay out more than other colours.

To help you in your quest to land bubbles of the same colour there are a number of bubbles that perform certain features. Some which offer a multiplier bonus if included in a group of winning bubbles, some that turn neighbouring bubbles the same colour and the peculiarly named “Free Spins Bubble” which awards the player five free spins and, as you can see in the preview video, is the best chance of winning some serious cash on the slot, which you can play now at Bet365 Games.

Bubble Craze Slot Bonus Features

The Transform Bubble has what looks like compass bearings inside it and what this does is turn any bubble not the same colour as itself, to that colour, thus increasing the likelihood of a win, or increasing the size of a win as you have more bubbles in that block. This feature can be particularly useful when several land on screen together, especially during free spins when they can increase the size of a win markedly.

The Multiplier Bubble is a bubble which has a 2x or 5x multiplier displayed inside. If you include this bubble in a winning group of bubbles, then your win is multiplied by the number shown.

Finally, the multi-colour Free Spins Bubble has a nuclear symbol inside and three or more of these landed on the first, third and fifth row of bubbles triggers five free spins. During Free Spins every spin is guaranteed to win and there are additional multipliers and transform bubbles in play to help you increase the value of those wins.

Whether Bubble Craze is genuinely a slot is a moot point really, it plays like a slot, pays out like a slot and is just as much fun as a slot to play. So why not give it a try today at Bet365 Games?


Editor's Review

Whether it is a slot or not, Bubble Craze is a fast fun, easy to learn and hugely enjoyable game to play. It offers this type of gaming as never seen before with a novel way to work out winning spins and additional features thrown in to help players achieve big wins. It is a relatively volatile game at times however, but the potential for big wins, especially during the free spins round, is always there. Bubble Craze is great fun to play and a real change of pace from standard slot games.

Where can I play?Bet365
Number of paylines:N/A
Number of reels:N/A
Is autoplay available?Yes
Game manufacturer:IGT