Can Coral Connect You to An Easier Way to Bet Online and Offline?

Are you one of the growing number of bettors that place bets both online and offline in high street betting shops? If you are then you’ll no doubt have encountered the problem of converting your winnings into an online account, into cold hard cash in your hands.

Even the speediest of online withdrawal services only can realise funds into an account within the space of a few hours and withdrawing that into cold hard cash you can spend anywhere, anyhow, can take a further transaction, which can take even more time.

What was needed was a service that allowed customers far easier access to their online winnings, but without all the fuss and nonsense that comes with getting a credit card or debit card sorted.

Which is why Coral came up with their exciting Connect Card.

What is Coral’s Connect Card?

A Coral Connect Card is a card that is available for all Coral customers. It can be applied to your account and when used, can allow customers quicker access to their funds held online by allowing them to make withdrawals from that account (or deposits to it) through any of Coral’s 1,800+ betting shops in the UK.

You can apply for a Coral Connect Card online and once your request has been processed Coral should send you your new card within a couple of weeks. Once received, you’ll need to register it online to set it up and get it ready to be used with your account.

How can I use a Coral Connect Card?

There are essentially two different ways that you can use a Coral Connect Card once it has been registered with you and linked to your Coral account.

Firstly, you can use the card in any Coral Betting Shop (there are over 1,800 in the UK alone) to access any money held in your accounts. Simply use your Coral Connect Card in store and you can withdraw any funds on your online balance to use as you wish.

The other way you can use the card is by going into a betting shop and using it to deposit cash at the till which is then placed immediately into your online account using your Coral Connect Card.

Are there any benefits for me from owning a Coral Connect Card?

Yes, there are several benefits for any Coral customer that applies for and receives a Coral Connect Card for their account.

The first and most obvious benefit is that having a Coral Connect Card offers you a much speedier way to access funds in your account. Here’s how:

Let’s say you place a £10 online bet on a football accumulator at odds of 20/1 and that your accumulator is successful and you receive back your £200 winnings, plus your £10 stake money. That cash will be in your Coral Sports account within a few minutes of all of your results on the accumulator being confirmed.

Now let’s say that you want to withdraw the £200 you won back to your credit card. With Coral, these withdrawals will take usually 2-5 working days, which is quick for a credit card transaction, but not great if you want to go and celebrate your big win with a night out on the town.

However, with your Coral Connect Card, all you need to do is find a Coral Shop and go in, use your card and you can have your £200 winnings in your hands within seconds ready to spend on what you want, when you want.

In addition to this easy access to your winnings, you can also fund your account by visiting a Coral Shop when out and about and using your card to deposit money into your online account. You can then use this at home, with your mobile without having to enter your banking details online if you so wish.

Lastly, Coral are also running an increasing number of promotions nowadays where holders of Coral Connect Cards are given additional incentives, bonuses and benefits on top of the standard offer which they can then utilise. As such, it makes real sense if you are looking for value betting with Coral to utilise the many benefits available from owning a Coral Connect Card.

Must I accept a Coral Connect Card to have a Coral account?

No, you can open a Coral account with any of the Coral sites and you do not have to have a Coral Connect Card to sign up. However, there are an increasing number of reasons (many of which we have listed in the section above) that makes it a sensible choice to do so, especially if you are a punter that enjoys betting in a Coral shop, as well as betting online.

Is the Coral Connect Card another Credit Card?

One of the most common misconceptions people have about the Coral Connect Card is that it is another form of Credit Card. This is most definitely not the case as no line of credit is given to any Coral customer that asks for a Coral Connect Card.

Instead, what you gain is a card that allows you to deposit and withdraw at Coral Betting Shops as well as online, to access your online funding for a number of Coral betting services. This speeds up the process of accessing your funds which, when transferred online, can take hours or several days to be processed and turn up in the account you need to be able to withdraw the money.

Do Coral need to know my Credit History if I want a Coral Connect Card?

No, because the Coral Connect Card is not connected to any aspect of your banking, apart from the contents of your Coral account and because you cannot get credit or go into debt using the Coral Connect Card (you can only access what is already in the account), then no credit check is required for anybody to use the service.

A good analogy for the card is to imagine that your Coral account is a savings account with a bank and the Connect Card allows you to withdraw money from that account in person (ie. In a Coral Shop) as well as online. However, you cannot withdraw money from the account that isn’t there. Hence you can never go into debt using the card.

Which Coral sites can I access fund from using the Coral Connect Card?

Once you have signed up with your Coral Connect Card then any funds in your Coral Sports, Coral Casino or Coral Lotto gaming accounts can all be accessed on your Coral Connect Card. This means they can be accessed online, and you can also withdraw any funds held in these accounts using the Coral Connect Card at any of Coral’s 1,800+ high street shops in the UK.