Dragon Kingdom Slot Review

The only place I know for sure that has dragons roaming freely around the world is the mythical land of Westeros from the Game of Thrones series of films. That TV show may well be the reason for the resurgence in interest in these magnificent mythical beasts, although their popularity in computer games such as Skyrim and in the Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit series of films may also be partly the reason for their dramatic return to our collective consciousness.

While Dragons may have one time been a bit out of fashion, they have remained a popular theme in the slots gaming industry and that is evidenced by the exciting and dramatic Dragon Kingdom slot from Pragmatic Play.Playable now at Leo Vegas Casino, this is a five reel, 25 pay line slot that is based in a fantasy land where dragons and medieval warriors roam the countryside doing the kinds of things that they do. This usually involves ladies in bikinis, swords, and lots of fire breathing.

Set against a backdrop of a land that spews lava and has a misty haze against a mountainous backdrop with what looks like a castle in the distance, the presentation and the drama of the slot, not to mention its somewhat epic-sounding musical accompaniment, really does give it a somewhat heavyweight feel.

One of the first things you will notice about the slot is that everything to do with controlling it is based at the bottom of the screen with the spin button and Auto Play feature available as well as the option to hold the space bar for a turbo spin, which runs through spins at a much faster rate, this is a nice touch as it allows users without much time the chance to play through more spins than when playing at the standard pace.

Once you are spinning the reels then you can immediately see some of the key features of the slot as they are almost immediately apparent.

Dragon Kingdom slot Key Features

The first thing you will notice is that there are a total of ten symbols on the reels in total, there are four lower value symbols, the Jack, Queen, King and Ace playing card lows and these offer relatively small value wins of between 2 and 15 coins on a single pay line.

The four higher value symbols are the three dragons, a blue dragon, green dragon and the red dragon and the highest value standard symbol is the red haired female warrior, who we are presuming is some kind of Danaerys figure and who has control of the dragons. Like her dragons, she pays out when just two are landed on a payline but she is also the biggest single line spin win at 100 coins.

At first, when you consider you are wagering 25 coins per spin, these win values seem like tiny amounts but the reason they are low is because all the symbols are stacked on the reels and that means, if you can land them across the reels as a win, then you can win across multiple pay lines and that increases the value of your win massively and it is in this way that you will unlock the much bigger wins that are possible on the slot.

Alongside these eight standard symbols there are two other bonus symbols that unlock the key features of the slot. The first is the Dragon Kingdom logo which is the Wild symbol in the game and this too is stacked on the reels. This can substitute for any symbol apart from the scatter and also offers the highest single line payout for five across a pay line in the game of 400 coins.

Unfortunately, the Wild symbol does not come with any multipliers attached to it which is a bit of a disappointment, especially with so many smaller wins likely on the slot.

The other key bonus symbol is the Free Spins symbol and if you can land three or more of these symbols anywhere across the reels then you will launch the Free Spins bonus round. During this bonus round you are given a choice of five different options for each of the five highest paying symbols on the reels (including the Wild symbol).

You can select from:

  • The Wild Symbols Super Stacked on the Reels with a 1x Multiplier
  • The Female Warrior symbol Super Stacked on the Reels with a 2x Multiplier
  • The Red Dragon symbol Super Stacked on the Reels with a 3x Multiplier
  • The Green Dragon symbol Super Stacked on the Reels with a 4x Multiplier
  • The Blue Dragon symbol Super Stacked on the Reels with a 5x Multiplier

Regardless of which option you choose, you are given an initial 5 free spins in this bonus feature, which is a relatively small amount, but you can unlock potentially unlimited additional spins by landing three or more of the scatter symbols on the reels during the bonus. This awards you another 3 free spins added to your total and you can, in theory at least, do this an unlimited amount of times in the bonus round.

Dragon Kingdom is very much an assault on the senses at times with its dramatic music and animations kicking in when you land a win. The game is fun to play though and although it looks like it won’t pay out a great deal given its low initial payouts, the fact that this is a slot which pays on multiple paylines often means that it is more a lower to medium variance game than anything approaching the higher end of slot gaming variance.

The key to unlocking the most sizeable wins in the game however lies in triggering the Free Spins bonus. Although 5 free spins are not too many, the fact that you have super stacked higher value symbols, or Wilds on the reels, can make this a very lucrative round, I tend to opt for the Wild symbols here as they are more flexible, even though you don’t get a decent multiplier bonus for this offer.



Although the Dragon Kingdoms slot from Pragmatic Play doesn’t have a massive single line jackpot prize (400 coins is the top payout) with so many symbols being stacked across the reels on every spin, the really big wins in this slot come from multiple payline payouts on a single spin. This is a fun slot, with a little bit of drama added in thanks to its clever presentation that packs some neat bonus games and Stacked Wilds which keeps the base game interesting.

Where can I play?Leo Vegas Casino
Number of paylines:25
Number of reels:5
Is autoplay available?Yes
Game manufacturer:Pragmatic Play