Euro 2020 Group Stage Preview And Top Betting Tips

This Friday, Italy will take to the field in the Stadio Olimpico in Rome to take on Turkey in the very first game of the delayed 2020 European Championships. This special 60th anniversary celebration of the tournament will be played at several venues across Europe, before the semifinals and final are contested at Wembley Stadium in England.

24 of the best teams from Europe have qualified for the tournament including the last two winners of the FIFA World Cup (Germany in 2014 and France in 2018) as well as the 2016 European Championship winners Portugal, the current holders of the trophy.

In addition, other major sides such as Spain, Italy, England, Belgium and the Netherlands have also qualified, while teams such as Finland and North Macedonia are making their first appearance in a Major finals in their history.

Fans in the UK not only have England to cheer on, but also Wales and Scotland, who have both made it through to the finals, with Scotland being drawn in England’s Group (Group D), while Wales are in Group A alongside one of the top ranked sides, Italy.

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Now, we are going to take a look at each of the six groups for the opening stage of Euro 2020. We will detail the teams, venues and fixtures for each group, as well as our analysis of how we see the group going.

We will then give you our tip on who to win the Group (together with that selection’s odds for that market) as well as the team or teams that should also qualify for the knockout phase from the group (together with their odds on qualifying from the group).

As is customary, let’s start our preview with Group A.

Group A

  • Italy
  • Turkey
  • Wales
  • Switzerland

Match Venues – Rome (Italy) & Baku (Azerbaijan)

Group A Fixtures

  • June 11 – Turkey v Italy (Rome, 8pm)
  • June 12 – Wales v Switzerland (Baku, 2pm)
  • June 16 – Turkey v Wales (Baku, 5pm)
  • June 16 – Italy v Switzerland (Rome, 8pm)
  • June 20 – Italy v Wales (Rome, 5pm)
  • June 20 – Switzerland v Turkey (Baku, 5pm)

Group A Analysis

With Italy playing all three of their games at home, I think it is extremely likely that Roberto Mancini’s side, who are in superb form going into this tournament, will top this group very comfortably, probably with three wins.

I also feel that of the remaining three teams, Switzerland will pick up enough points from their games to finish second in the group. However, I think Wales and possibly Turkey may not quite do enough to earn enough points to claim one of the third placed qualification spots in the tournament.

Group A Winner – Italy (8/15)

Other Round of 16 Qualifier(s) – Switzerland (4/7)

Group B

  • Belgium
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • Russia

Match Venues – Saint Petersburg (Russia) & Copenhagen (Denmark)

Group B Fixtures

  • June 12 – Denmark v Finland (Copenhagen, 5pm)
  • June 12 – Belgium v Russia (Saint Petersburg, 8pm)
  • June 16 – Finland v Russia (Saint Petersburg, 2pm)
  • June 17 – Denmark v Belgium (Copenhagen, 5pm)
  • June 21 – Russia v Denmark (Copenhagen, 5pm)
  • June 21 – Belgium v Finland (Saint Petersburg, 5pm)

Group B Analysis

With Denmark and Russia having home games in this group, that does make Belgium and Finland’s tasks much tougher. In fact, I think Finland are going to find this level of competition a little to hot for them and I expect them to finish bottom of the group without a point.

I do think the other three teams will do enough to qualify for the Round of 16. I still fancy Belgium to top the group, but they may be run close by a Denmark side that could be dark horses for this tournament while I expect Russia to pick up enough points to claim a third-place qualifying spot.

Group B Winner – Belgium (8/11)

Other Round of 16 Qualifier(s) – Denmark (2/9), Russia (4/9)

Group C

  • Austria
  • Netherlands
  • North Macedonia
  • Ukraine

Match Venues – Bucharest (Romania) & Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Group C Fixtures

  • June 13 – Austria v North Macedonia (Bucharest, 5pm)
  • June 13 – Netherlands v Ukraine (Amsterdam, 8pm)
  • June 17 – Ukraine v North Macedonia (Bucharest, 2pm)
  • June 17 – Netherlands v Austria (Amsterdam, 8pm)
  • June 21 – North Macedonia v Netherlands (Amsterdam, 5pm)
  • June 21 – Ukraine v Austria (Bucharest, 5pm)

Group C Analysis

Dutch fans won’t be too displeased with this group and the fact their team has three home games in the group stages. I’d expect the Netherlands to win all those games to finish top of this group relatively comfortably.

I also feel North Macedonia may be the whipping boys in this company and as such, I think Ukraine will pip Austria to second spot in the group, but that the Austrians will still do enough to earn a qualifying spot in the next round.

Group C Winner – Netherlands (2/5)

Other Round of 16 Qualifier(s) – Ukraine (2/7), Austria (2/5)

Group D

  • Czech Republic
  • Croatia
  • England
  • Scotland

Match Venues – London (England), Glasgow (Scotland)

Group D Fixtures

  • June 13 – England v Croatia (London, 8pm)
  • June 14 – Scotland v Czech Republic (Glasgow, 2pm)
  • June 18 – Croatia v Czech Republic (Glasgow, 5pm)
  • June 18 – England v Scotland (London, 8pm)
  • June 22 – Croatia v Scotland (Glasgow, 8pm)
  • June 22 – England v Czech Republic (London, 8pm)

Group D Analysis

Can England and Scotland take advantage of home games to progress through this group? I would expect England too as they are very tough to beat at Wembley and they play all three games there, as such I can see the Three Lions topping this group.

I think Croatia will be the second placed qualifier but then I wonder if Scotland and the Czech Republic will earn enough points to qualify for the next phase. I can’t see either winning a game here and as such, I think this may be a group where just the top two reach the Round of 16.

Group D Winner – England (2/5)

Other Round of 16 Qualifier(s) – Croatia (3/10)

Group E

  • Poland
  • Slovakia
  • Spain
  • Sweden

Match Venues – Seville (Spain) & Saint Petersburg (Russia)

Group E Fixtures

  • June 14 – Poland v Slovakia (Saint Petersburg, 5pm)
  • June 14 – Spain v Sweden (Seville, 8pm)
  • June 18 – Sweden v Slovakia (Saint Petersburg, 2pm)
  • June 19 – Spain v Poland (Seville, 8pm)
  • June 23 – Sweden v Poland (Saint Petersburg, 5pm)
  • June 23 – Spain v Slovakia (Seville, 5pm)

Group E Analysis

Spain have an outstanding record in Seville, so they won’t be too unhappy that their venue was switched from Bilbao for this tournament. As such, I would expect a young Spanish side to progress from the group as the winners.

The remaining three teams are closely matched but I think Poland (with Robert Lewandowski) and Sweden probably just have the edge over Slovakia and as such, I think both will do enough to move through into the last 16.

Group E Winner – Spain (1/3)

Other Round of 16 Qualifier(s) – Poland (2/5), Sweden (4/9)

Group F

  • France
  • Germany
  • Hungary
  • Portugal

Match Venues – Munich (Germany) & Budapest (Hungary)

Group F Fixtures

  • June 15 – Hungary v Portugal (Budapest, 5pm)
  • June 15 – France v Germany (Munich, 8pm)
  • June 19 – Hungary v France (Budapest, 2pm)
  • June 19 – Portugal v Germany (Munich, 5pm)
  • June 23 – Portugal v France (Budapest, 8pm)
  • June 23 – Germany v Hungary (Munich, 8pm)

Group F Analysis

The toughest of all the Groups in this stage of the tournament features the winners of the last three Major competitions European teams have competed in, including the last two World Cups. I would expect Germany, France and Portugal to come through this group, and I do fancy France to do enough to top the group, although it may be on goal difference.

I think Germany will finish level on points with France but may finish second on goal difference with Portugal third and safely into the last 16 with Hungary not earning a point from their games.

Group F Winner – France (11/8)

Other Round of 16 Qualifier(s) – Germany (1/12), Portugal (2/7)

The tournament starts on Friday evening with Italy facing Turkey in Rome in the opening game of what should be an exciting and unpredictable tournament.

*All odds shown were correct with bet365 Sport as of 12.40pm on Tuesday 8th June 2020.