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The Five Best Jackpot Slot Games for Mobile – And Where You Can Play Them

Progressive Jackpot slots are typically high variance games that offer casino players a chance, albeit a small one, of winning a significant prize from one single spin of the reels. They are the “lottery win” sized jackpots of the slot world and as such, they are very popular with low risk/high reward slot enthusiasts.

Here are five of the best jackpot slots available to online casino players.

5. Mega Moolah Progressive Slot

Playable at: Bet365

Bet365 Casino Sky Vegas Jack Gold Bet365 Games Mega MoolahArguably the most famous progressive slot available in the UK at present, the Mega Moolah progressive jackpot is actually fed into by four different machines (including The Dark Knight) and it can be triggered from any of the four.

Mega Moolah has become something of an online slot institution with its guarantee that the lowest possible jackpot available will be $1m and there have been several winners who have won more than ten times this amount.

The original game as found at Bet365 Games is based on an African safari theme and unlike other games, you don’t need to hit a specific winning combination to launch the progressive jackpot game. Instead the bonus game triggers at random when playing the base game.

When it does, a wheel will spin with each of the four different value progressive jackpots shown on the wheel. The jackpot that the wheel lands on, is the one you win – Mega, Major, Minor and Mini.

This simple fact alone makes Mega Moolah one of the most popular slots to play today and almost an online slot and mobile slot institution.

4. Major Millions Progressive Slot

Playable atSky VegasSky Vegas Progressive Jackpot Slots

Major Millions is actually a rather complex slot, which features both a 3-reel and 5-reel version, although the game most commonly played is the 5-reel version. Both games are linked to produce a combined jackpot.

Based on a military theme, Major Millions features wilds and scatters which help trigger winning combinations, but which don’t access any bonus games. The progressive jackpot is frequently around several hundred thousand pounds, although recently it did cross the £1m barrier (when one lucky player won it shortly afterwards).

You win the big progressive by landing the 5 Major Millions symbols across the 15th payline. Achieve this and you instantly win the top prize. Spins cost no less than £3 per spin.

3. Gladiator Progressive Slot

Playable at: Bet365

Gladiator Bet365 Games Bet365 CasinoBased on the multi-oscar winning Ridley Scott film of the same name, the Gladiator progressive slot offers players 5 reels and 25 paylines, with spins costing as little as 25p per spin up to a top price per spin of £1,250 for the real high rollers.

This progressive slot features a prize often in excess of £500,000 and when it was released several years ago, quickly became one of the most popular slots you can play online.

Part of that attraction was the in game bonus features, of which there are two. The Coliseum Bonus feature is unlocked by landing three or more Coliseum symbols across the reels. After clicking start you get to select four stones from the 20 available which will determine how many free spins you get, the multiplier, what symbol will act as an additional scatter symbol during free spins and finally which symbol from all the Gladiator characters on the reels, will act as an extra Wild.

Up to 24 free spins are possible and with so many scatters and wilds in the game, plus the Emperor symbol earning you three free spins if landed on the middle reel during the bonus round, you can rack up decent wins quickly.

The second bonus game is the Gladiator Jackpot Bonus where you make 9 selections and each reveals a Gladiator helmet of gold, silver or bronze. Access the Gladiator Jackpot Bonus from the base game and reveal 9 gold helmets to win the big progressive jackpot.

With video from the film interspersed in the base game, this is a progressive slot which packs a real punch.

2. Sky Millions Progressive Slot

Playable at: Sky VegasSky Vegas Progressive Slot UK

This is a relatively straightforward progressive jackpot slot offering 5-reels and just 9 paylines to play, the symbols are somewhat self-evident with the “Wild” symbol obviously acting as the in game wild.

The game play of the slot is reminiscent of the old-style games where there are relatively few winning lines, so fans of the older, simply style slot will find plenty to like here. However there is the bonus game aspect, which is the way to winning the big money on the Sky Millions progressive.

This is triggered by landing three or more of the Gold Bar symbols across the five reels and when you achieve this a new game opens up. This sees three concentric wheels stacked inside each other with the Jackpot at the heart of the reels.  On each wheel is a multiplier for your win or an arrow. If you land a multiplier, you can accept your winnings, or spin again. If you spin again, then the number you just landed on (and any other slots on the wheel with the same number) turns into a B. B stands for bust and if you spin a B, you lose all your winnings.

To win the jackpot, you need to land the black arrow symbols. Hit two black arrows to get to the final reel where you have one spin. Land another black arrow, and you win the big jackpot which can grow to well in excess of £1,000,000.

1. Gold Rally Progressive Slot

Playable at: Bet365

Bet365 Casino Bet365 Games Sky VegasIf you are a fan of simpler progressive slot games, yet one which can still offer the player a considerable winning sum then the Gold Rally Progressive slot is certainly one to take a closer look at. This popular 3-reel slot offers just 8 paylines, which helps keep the price per spin down although if you want to go for the top progressive prize, then you’ll need to bet the maximum amount.

The theme of the slot is the gold rush and its simplistic gameplay means that it is a popular slot for beginner players, especially those who are prepared to wager the higher stakes needed to land this big progressive jackpot.

That jackpot resets when won to a minimum of $225,000, although there have been jackpots won in excess of $1.5m and the jackpot is triggered when a player lands 9 scatter icons across all the reels. The top win in the base game is 8,000 coins.

More about online jackpot slots

If you are just such a player, then you can take a look at some classic progressive slots by reading our Bet365 review.

The new breed of online and mobile-compatible progressive jackpot games have their history in the electronically linked games that were prevalent in casinos in the 60s and 70s. Here a number of machines in one casino would be linked together and eventually one player would trigger the big jackpot prize.

In the mid-to-late 1990s when Internet technology first took hold on a global scale, it soon became apparent to the first fledgling online casinos that this new digital platform offered them the chance to offer slots that previously they had been unable to via any other platform. Soon the online progressive slot was born.

A progressive slot sees a small percentage of each wager paid into a fund that increases with every spin on the game. Over time, these funds can grow into hundreds, then thousands, then tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands and even millions of pounds.

How big each jackpot can grow is determined by two factors: the amount of money from each spin which is put aside for the progressive fund and how popular the slot is with players. The more players a slot has and the more money from each spin that goes to the progressive fund, then the quicker the pot grows and more lucrative these games can be.

Progressive jackpot gaming is now big business for online casinos with a significant percentage of online slot wagers (the most lucrative for of entertainment the online casino industry offers) now spent on progressive jackpot games.

In this article, we’ll examine five of the best progressive jackpot games and learn a little about each, as well as giving you clear details as to where on this site you can access the slot to try out.

Remember, if you want to learn more about any of our top casinos featured in this article check out our Bet365 casino review and our Sky Vegas review for all the latest details, promotions and offers from these top-rated UK mobile gaming sites.