Fortress Charge Slot Review

Every so often a company comes along and puts together a game that makes you think about whether this is actually a slot game at all, or whether they have created something very different altogether. Crazy Tooth Studios latest release for Microgaming, Fortress Charge, is just such a game, eschewing the standard code and practice of a slot game and giving players something very different to play.

First off, we have six reels in play and there are just three possible ‘winning lines’ if you can call them that in the game. The sixth reel contains only Fortresses, each of which will generate a cash prize attached to it based on the bankroll of the player. The first reel will contain either empty spaces, weaponry or a hero. It is only when you land a hero in one of the three spaces on the first reel that you have a chance of landing a win.

That already sounds very different to your standard slot game and indeed, Fortress Charge is that. So we decided to take a much closer look at what this high variance game has to offer. Here’s what we found out.

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Key Information for the Fortress Charge game

  • Developed By – Crazy Tooth Studio (for Microgaming)
  • Mobile – Yes
  • Number of Reels – 6
  • Number of Pay Lines – 3
  • Minimum Bet – 0.10
  • Maximum Bet – 15.00
  • Free Spins Bonus? – No
  • Other Bonuses? –  No
  • Standard Jackpot – 16,000x
  • Progressive? – No
  • Volatility? – High

We have already mentioned that Fortress Charge doesn’t play like a standard slot game, but yet it still retains the key elements of those spinning reels and generating symbols. That is one of the best things about this unusual and innovative game. However, it should be noted that this is a very high variance offerings and wins do not come along as often as you would find on even higher variance slot games. Patience, and a decent bankroll is key to get the best out of the game.

Theme and Presentation

The theme for the Fortress Charge slot is for one of five possible heroes you can land on the first reel to make it across to the Fortress on the sixth reel and claim the cash prize shown. To do that, they need to travel across the middle four reels. There they could encounter five villains that stand in their way, or they could unlock a treasure chest for a cash prize, land on a free space, or pick up a weapon to help them defeat one or more of their foes.

Each of the five heroes, the Beast, Dwarf, Dragon, Knight and Elf has the ability to defeat at least one of the Villain symbols (Ogre, Scorpion, Boulder, Spikes or Snake). If they pick up a weapon on their journey across the reels, then they can defeat more of the villains on their quest. If a hero meets a villain on the reels and defeats that villain, they move into that space and continue their quest and earn you a cash prize. If the villain defeats them, the hero disappears and the quest is ended.

You can land more than one hero on the reels to trigger two or three different quests at the same time however each hero only stays on their own row of symbols to try and complete their quest. If your hero can make it all the way across to the Fortress they can claim the prize shown in the Fortress symbol as well as the cash they have made on the way across. Up to 16,000x your bet can be won. The game looks and sounds exciting with some very nice sound effects in particular livening things up.


The five hero symbols (which can land on the first reel) are the Beast, Dwarf, Elf, Dragon and Knight.

The five villain symbols (which can land on any of the middle four reels) are the Snake (Medusa), Boulder, Spike, Scorpion and Ogre symbols. You can land multiple of these on a single quest.

The weapons that a hero can pick up to help them defeat the villains include a Fire Potion (which defeats the Spikes), the Shiny Shield (which defeats the Snake and Scorpion villain), the Spear (which defeats the Ogre) and the most powerful of all is the Magic Wand which can defeat any of the villains on the reels.

A player can also land a treasure chest symbol to win an instant cash prize, or also find an empty space on the reels onto which they can advance. There is also a 2x multiplier space, which will multiply any win on your quest by 2x the standard amount if collected.

Wild Symbol

While there is no Wild symbol on the reels, there is a Fireball bonus which can occur in the middle of a quest. When this happens, the Fireball will land on the villain facing the hero and destroy the villain for the hero, allowing them to claim a cash prize and progress onto the next space.

Free Spins Bonus

There are no Free Spins bonuses in the Fortress Charge slot, but you can have two or three heroes trying to complete their quest on a single spin, although most often you will trigger just one hero on triggering spins. On most spins, you may not trigger a hero at all.

Other Bonuses and Information

With a very high variance but a potential jackpot of 16,000x, this is a game that redefines what a slot game can look like. However, there are no other bonuses available on the slot other than those mentioned above.


Editor's Review

There is no doubt that Crazy Tooth Studios deserve their name as this is a great example of how to offer something very different to a standard slot, while still being recognisable as a slot game. Fortress Charge may not be every slot fans cup of tea if you are a traditionalist, but if you like innovative, unusual games that use the slots as its basis and then create something very different to the norm, then Fortress Charge ticks all the right boxes. It fully deserves its excellent review.

Where can I play?bet365 Games
Number of playlines?3
Number of reels?6
Is autoplay available?Yes
Game manufacturer?Crazy Tooth Studios