Fortune Hill Online Slot Review


Fortune Hill is a relatively unknown slot and has only recently appeared at Bet365. However, Fortune Hill is unbelievably detailed and completely packed with unique features and bonus rounds.

This slot is another creation from one of our favorite online slot manufactures, Playtech. Fortune Hill has remarkable 3D graphics and great attention to detail.

The theme of Fortune Hill is like Shrek on acid; the game features trolls, fairies, wizards, and magic mushrooms. The colors and graphics in this online slot are completely insane.

The game guides players through this colorful, magical slot with a little man who is regularly smoking a pipe.

Fortune Hill Special Features

Here is a walk-through of the five unique features that can activate while playing Fortune Hill online at Bet365:

Fortune Wheel – On the left-hand side of the Fortune Hill screen is the fortune wheel. This wheel has 16 slots with various prizes and multipliers. The wheel spins during each placed bet and gives players a chance to win a prize in addition to the original spin’s winnings.

The multipliers on the wheel are x2, x3, and x4. Re-spins are triggered when three wizard hats appear on the wheel. If at the end of the spin the wheel lands on the cash bag, a cash prize will instantly be awarded. Next is the magic wand symbol which if hit triggers either an expanding wild or a randomly generated cash prize.

Money Bag Feature – Fortune Hill’s money bag feature enables players to win a multiplier regardless if the original spin had winnings. The possible multipliers are x2, x3, x5, x6.

Magnificent Multipliers – This feature is similar to the moneybag feature, but it can only activate if the original spin had winnings. The multipliers for this feature are X2, X3, and X4. Magnificent multipliers can activate during any bonus or free games round.

Magic Mushroom Bonus – The magic mushroom bonus activates when the bonus mushroom symbol appears anywhere on Fortune Hill’s five reels. If hit, the screen changes to a field with twelve mushrooms and a sleeping troll. Players are then prompted to pick mushrooms until the troll is disturbed. The total won during the bonus is added the original spin’s wins. The bonus wins get the added multiplier if one was one during the initial spin.

Rainbow Free Games – The Fortune Hill rainbow free games are activated when the free games rainbow appears anywhere on reels one, three, or five. If won, eight free games are immediately awarded to the player. Additional free games can be won, as can prizes from the fortune wheel.



Fortune Hill is considered a favorite slot over at Bet365’s online casino. It has an expected player return of 97% and is considered a very low variance game. In addition to the low variance, Fortune Hill is overflowing with features and interesting ways to win. Between the cash prizes, multipliers, and endless re-spins Fortune Hill is a slot that can keep your attention for the long haul.

Where can I play?Bet365
Number of paylines:25
Number of reels:5
Is autoplay available?Yes
Game manufacturer:Playtech