Full Moon Fortunes Slot Review


Full Moon Fortunes is so much fun, it will have you howling. This fantasy-themed slot is jam-packed with werewolf lore and adventure.

The game intro begins with a full moon hovering over a spooky graveyard when the words “London 1860” creep across the screen. Then it’s revealed to us that the main character Doctor Blackwood has stumbled across a bit of bad luck – he was bitten by a werewolf and is now cursed to turn into a beast when the moon cycles to full.

Full Moon Fortunes maker is Ash Gaming, which is a Playtech company. The game features a colorful responsive interface, free spins, and a huge multiplier. This adventurous slot is available for play at Bet365’s online casino.

Special Features Of Full Moon Fortunes

The first unique feature that Full Moon Fortunes has is the Full Moon Wild Multiplier. Anytime a full moon appears, the urge takes over Dr. Blackwood. As the rage fills him, your chance of increasing the wild multiplier rises. Although the symbol is rare, it changes all symbols except scatters into wilds with a multiplier of 5X once Dr. Blackwood’s transformation into a werewolf is complete.

There is also a stacked symbol in Full Moon Fortunes; this symbol is a trinket with a red ruby surrounded by gold dragons. If the dragon symbol appears on the top of reels after a spin, it can lead to larger payouts.

The final feature in Full Moon Fortunes is the free spins bonus game. This bonus feature triggers when three or more scatter tombstone symbols appear. The amount of tombstone scatters that hit determines the number of free spins that players will receive. Here are the number of scatters, free spins, and multiplier it awards:

  • 5X scatters = three free spins and a 3X multiplier
  • 4X scatters = two free spins and a 2X multiplier
  • 3X scatters = one free spin and a 1X multiplier

Once the mini-game triggers, the screen changes and reveals the spooky graveyard that was originally shown in the games introduction. The game then prompts players to pick a tombstone to reveal how many free spins are awarded. Then you will pick a second tombstone that reveals the amount of multiplier you will receive during your free spins session.  These figures are then added to the amount of multipliers and spins you came into the bonus with.

During the free spins, it is also possible to trigger the Dr. Blackwood wild multiplier bonus that can award up to a 25X multiplier.



Full Moon Fortunes is an incredibly popular slot to play at online casinos. However, the graphics are a bit cheesy and remind me of the graphics on Nintendo games from the 90’s. Despite the silly graphics, Full Moon Fortunes remains a favorite for online slot players – probably due to the potential to hit huge multipliers and the free spins bonus game.

Where can I play?Bet365
Number of paylines:20
Number of reels:5
Is autoplay available?Yes
Game manufacturer:Playtech