Get More From Your SkyBet Membership With Super 6 This Season

Did you know that your SkyBet account (which you have obtained if you have ever joined any of the Sky family of sites including Sky Casino, Sky Vegas, Sky Bingo or Sky Poker) can offer you a lot more than simply the entertainments available on each of these sites? Did you know for example, that each week your log in details could see you trying to win an incredible £250,000 top prize, and on some weeks, it could be as much as £1,000,000?

How does this work? Well it is all down to SkyBet’s links with its parent company Sky Sports and the fact that Sky has been the home of Premier League football ever since the tournament first began back in the 1992/1993 season.

As part of their service to football fans each Saturday, Sky has for many years run a flagship Saturday afternoon preview and results TV show called Gillette Soccer Saturday. Over the years it has boasted a number of presenters and panellists and a few years ago as part of a revamp for the show, they decided to get their panellists, and presenter Jeff Stelling, to predict the score of each of the Premier League games taking place that afternoon.

That quickly grew into a game whereby customers that had a SkyBet account could log in and try and beat the panellists predictions by entering their own predictions for six games taking place in the Premier League that afternoon. Hence, the Soccer Saturday Super 6, or simply Super 6 as it has now become known, was born.

What is Super 6?

At its heart, Super 6 is a prediction game where players log in each week to guess the score of six matches that Sky Sports experts have added to the Super 6 coupon. Usually, these matches are from the Premier League, but on occasional weeks when there are not enough Premier League games, or Premier League teams are not playing, a different set of teams from a different league or competition may be on the coupon.

This can include matches from the SkyBet Championship, League One or League Two as well as International fixtures.

Players are awarded five points if they correctly the guess the exact score of the match in question and they receive two points if they do not get the score right of a game, but guess the correct result. The total number of points a player scores is then added up and each player is ranked against each of the other competitors in the game.

To differentiate between players with the same score each week, a tie-breaker question is posed where the players have to guess which minute the first goal in any of the six Super 6 coupon games will be scored on the Saturday. The player closest to the actual minute of the first goal in any of the six games scored on the Saturday, will be the winner of the tie break.

At the end of each week, the player with the highest score is the winner and will receive a cash prize of £5,000 (although Jeff Stelling has been known at times to add a couple of extra grand onto that prize if he’s feeling in a good mood at the end of the programme).

However, if a player manages to correctly predict the correct score in each of the six games on the Super 6 coupon, then they win the weekly jackpot prize, which is a fantastic £250,000.

If more than one player scores the maximum 30 points by correctly predicting each of the six scores correctly in any given game week, then unlike the standard weekly prize, the Jackpot Prize will be shared between the players that managed to achieve the maximum number of points (30).

£1,000,000 Jackpot Weeks

Of course, the Weekly Jackpot prize is not won every weekend and as a result, it is generally big news when someone wins a jackpot prize. However, even bigger news and many more participants will take part in the competition when SkyBet announces that a forthcoming weekend will be a special £1,000,000 Jackpot weekend.

In these rare weekends (and there are usually just two or three in a season when this occurs), instead of the usual £250,000 Jackpot Prize available for guessing six correct scores, SkyBet will increase the amount of prize money on offer in the Super 6 for this one weekend only to £1,000,000.

This prize has been won in the past by a small number of fortunate players and it always creates a huge stir when the prize is available. There’s plenty of advertisements about the fact across the Sky platform and on the various Sky Websites too, so it is very easy to see when a special £1,000,000 jackpot weekend is taking place.

Do I need to know anything about football to play Super 6?

The great thing about Super 6 is that it is essentially a prediction game and the vagaries of football are such that even if you know a great deal about the game, compared to someone who knows very little, there’s still a relatively even chance of you both picking the right score in one of the six games shown on the coupon.

Certainly, provided you know that football scores tend to be of a certain value (you don’t get many 7-7 draws for example, but you do get plenty of 0-0, 1-1 and 2-2 draws), then you can simply predict scores in a random fashion and hope that the results come in for you.

However, soccer punters who have been betting on the sport for a while will know that a little research can help you formulate more accurate predictions, so if you treat this game similar to how you would bet and do a little research on the teams competing, then you can find that you get better at predicting the result of the game, if not the scoreline on the money.

So, while you don’t need to know plenty about football to play Super 6, it certainly helps if you know a bit about the game and the teams playing and a little research to help you formulate your predictions can prove to be beneficial too.

How much does it cost to play Super 6?

Incredibly, provided you have a SkyBet account, then it does not cost anything to play the Super 6 game in any week, even the weeks when a £1,000,000 prize is available. All you need to do is log in to the Super 6 site using your SkyBet log in details, enter your predictions for the current Game Week and then enter your tie-breaker question answer and click the button.

Super 6 is free to enter every week and that means that throughout the football season, you have a chance of winning up to £250,000 almost every week, with £1,000,000 available on the other weeks, completely free of charge, simply by owning a SkyBet account and participating.

Are there any other prizes available?

Yes there are, through its Super 6 site, SkyBet keeps a record of all your predictions and the results of your predictions and gives you a weekly, monthly and cumulative score for the season. You can then see how you are performing against friends and family, as well as other SkyBet customers in the competition.

There are additional prizes on offer for players that win the Monthly and the Seasonal competitions in the Super 6 tournament too, in addition to the weekly prizes outlined above.  This means that even if you miss a week, you can still try for a monthly prize the following month. However, to stand the best chance of all the prizes, it is advisable to play every week the competition runs.

That in essence, is how Super 6 works, it is a hugely popular game that is due to start this week with the start of the Premier League. Don’t forget to tune in to the Super 6 site with your SkyBet log in to play and give yourself a free chance to win £250,000 every week.