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How Does Online Gambling Work?

It’s a simple fact that whether online or offline, sportsbooks, casinos, poker rooms and bingo halls are only in business because people spend more money than they win. This is how gambling works.

We want to help you understand that, on average over the course of your gambling, you are probably also going to lose more than you’ll win. You need to understand this before you place any bets. People should never gamble in an attempt to make money. People should only ever gamble to have fun. And if it stops being fun, you need to stop.

Once you understand how gambling works, you’ll be in a better position to gamble responsibly. And with all of these games, remember to never gamble more than you can afford or spend longer gambling than you would like.

How casino gambling works


Strategy is key to playing blackjack. Without a full understanding of how the game works, you’re way more likely to lose more money. Although, having said that, as we’ve already talked about, chances are you’ll make at least some sort of a loss over time no matter what your strategy is.

But equip yourself with some essential knowledge to minimise this and play smarter. Make sure you know when you should stand and when you should ask for another card. You can do this by checking the probabilities of your decision, and keep the dealer’s card in mind all the while.

This can help you improve your chances against the dealer, but remember, it won’t ever guarantee a win.


When it comes to slots games, the outcome is always entirely random. There’s nothing you can do that can change the outcome of the game. This is because the results of slots spins are determined by Random Number Generators.

Something you’ll often spot on slots is the RTP percentage. That means the return to player. This is based on an average of thousands and thousands of spins, but it can give you an idea of how your chosen slot pays out over time.

You’ll notice that all slots have RTPs under 100%. That is means they’re always going to make a profit on their players.


Much like slots, roulette games are pure chance and the outcome is dictated by a Random Number Generator. We can give more specific odds when it comes to outcomes of a roulette spin, due to the fact that it’s a set number of betting options and a set amount of numbers.

  • Number predictions: 2.7% chance of winning, payout is 35:1
  • Red or black predictions: 48.6% chance of winning, payout is 1:1
  • Odd or even predictions: 48.6% chance of winning, payout is 1:1

And just like slots, it’s pointless to try to pick a strategy or work out what will happen based on the past. This is pure luck personified.

How gambling works in bingo

Yet another online game that’s ruled by the Random Number Generator is bingo. There’s no skill, there’s no strategy, there’s nothing you can do to prepare. When you’re playing bingo online, all you need to do is choose your stake.

And if you’re playing offline, it’s a similar story, but there at least you also have to be good with marking off your numbers and knowing which patterns claim you a prize!

How gambling works in sports betting

No one can predict the future. Anyone who tells you something is a sure thing is, they’re wrong. As any sports fan know, no result is guaranteed. And that’s exactly the same when it comes to sports betting. No matter what wager you’re placing, you aren’t guaranteed to win.

Odds are a representation of how likely the online sportsbook thinks a particular outcome is. If you’re based in the UK, this is often expressed as a fraction. For example, 3/1. That means if you bet £10, you get £30 if your bet comes through. Meanwhile in the US, odds are expressed as decimals. The same probability wager over there looks like 3.00.

How gambling in poker works

Even more than blackjack, poker is a game of skill. However, there’s also a fair dusting of luck thrown in there too. That means no matter how good you are at playing, no matter how much attention you pay to the probabilities and what your other players are doing, there is a chance you’ll just lose.

Being aware of all these things helps with your chances of winning, so it is important to learn a bit about poker strategy. But even the best poker players in the world have bad days. For this reason, it’s so important that you never bet more than you can afford on a poker game.

I think I need help with a gambling problem

If it’s crossed your mind even for a second that you might have a gambling problem, you need to stop gambling entirely. And you also need to get help. Tell your loved ones and contact a support group. Be Gamble Aware is the UK’s responsible gambling organisation. They have lots of resources online and you can contact them there too. Alternatively, pick up the phone and dial 0808 8020 133 to speak to someone in person.

Based elsewhere? You’ll find lots of other supports based all over the world here.