Ice Cave Slot Review

Norse mythology has given us some of the most well-remembered slots of recent times. Games like Thunderstruck and Thunderstruck II are forever etched into the psyche of many slot gamers, while the Hall of Gods slot is one of the most iconic progressive jackpot slot games you can play. So it is unsurprising that revisiting this fecund ground for inspiration for slot games happens so frequently as it has with this new offering from Playtech, the Ice Cave slot.

However, rather than the halls of Asgaard or some other Nordic fantasy realm, what you have here as the setting for the slot is a large, cavernous Ice Cave. Just how large it is can be extrapolated from the opening shot of the cave which sees two tiny human figures in the bottom left corner of the screen to give you an idea of its imposing scale.  There’s two exciting Wild features which are linked in with the theme of the slot. It is a slot fit for everyone to play as you can wager as little as £0.20 per spin, up to a massive £2,000 per spin if you are a higher roller and want to play for some significantly larger cash amounts. The slot is available to play right now at Bet365 Casino.

The main symbols on the 5×3 reels are the Low Win symbols, which are five runes which stand for Power, Victory, Protection, Joy and Wealth and it is unsurprising that Wealth is the higher value of the five, with Power and Victory the lowest two. High value symbols are the Longship, Raven, Fenrir (who is a fearsome Wolf), Valkyrie and Jarl. The latter of which pays out the highest jackpot in the base game of 250 coins.

Ice Cave Key Feature.

The first feature you need to know about the Feature Bet button. This adds Ice Wild symbols to the fifth reel (when they are not ordinarily available in Standard Play) but you pay a premum for that by the cost of your total bet increasing by 1.5x, so for example if you are playing at £0.20 per spin, your bet with the Feature Bet button selected would be £0.30.  Whether or not you feel the 50% premium on your total stake each spin is worth the extra Wilds on that fifth reel is up to you.

Indeed, this is a slot game that is predominantly about the different Wild symbols to the exclusion of almost all else. The first of these symbols is the Ice Wild symbol which are available on the third and fourth reels in the standard game (and on the fifth reel too when the Feature Bet button is activated). These symbols can replace the high and low value symbols to create winning paylines and when they do, they will also give you a 3x multiplier on any win that they create. However if you have the Feature Bet button enabled on your spin, then the value of the Ice Wild multiplier increases to 5x the standard amount.

Additionally, the Ice Wild symbols will remain in place on the reels that they have landed upon for subsequent spins, only disappearing when you land one of the Hammer Wild symbols on the second reel. The Hammer Wild symbol offers a 3x multiplier also on any win and when landed on the second reel will break up any Ice Wilds on the other reels. Therefore, the Hammer Wild can create an additional Wild (and a big potential win) but does remove the Sticky Ice Wilds from the reels too.

Essentially, this is a very simple game which just has the Wild bonuses as the main feature of the slot along with the Feature Bonus. It is a simple, fun and enjoyable slot too play that is a definitely medium to higher variance slot. Big wins are possible, but not particularly easy to come by.


Editor's Review

If you are a fan of slots such as the Thunderstruck series of games, then there is no doubt that you will enjoy what Ice Cave has to offer. It may not have as big a jackpot as the Microgaming classic, but this Playtech slot is beautifully presented and while the jackpot isn’t huge, the ability to win on multiple paylines does make this a fun slot to play that can pay out some bigger wins. A medium to higher variance slot, wins can prove tough to hit at times but the features in the slot do make it fun to play, especially when you land a win with the Ice Wilds and trigger that 5x multiplier that can really ramp up the value of a win.

Where can I play?Bet365
Number of paylines:20
Number of reels:5
Is autoplay available?Yes
Game manufacturer:PlayTech