Magic Portals Slot Review

You only have to have seen the film “The Fly” to know that messing with portals isn’t necessarily conducive to good health. Fortunately in the new NetEnt slot Magic Portals, there’s no chance of Jeff Goldblum transporting himself across a room, accidentally including a housefly in the process, which is then spliced with his genetic make up to turn him into a sort of Mutant human/fly hybrid who can do incredibly agile things, but who also has some rather unsavoury eating habits.

Instead what you have here in this 5-reel, 25 payline slot is two portals that are placed in the centre of the first and fifth reels and these play a key role in the game. You can forget about how NetEnt usually uses the Wild and Scatter symbols in their slots with this new offering as everything boils down to what you can land on these portals on every spin. At first this can seem somewhat punitive, but as you play the game you quickly realise that this is simply a fun new way to trigger the bonuses. You can try the game now for yourself at the hugely popular Bet365 Vegas site.

With a jackpot of up to 64,000 coins to be won, the slot boasts three distinct groups of symbols, red, green and blue. In each group there are three different symbols. The lowest value being an orb or ball of that colour, the mid value is the creature allied to each colour and the highest value symbol is the wizard or similar being who represents that colour. Alongside each of these symbols there is just one other symbol on the reels, the Free Spins symbol and we’ll explore how that works in more detail below.

Magic Portals Key Features

Magic Portals is essentially a very simple slot once you have a clear understanding of how the slot works. Everything beyond the base game is triggered by landing two or more of the same symbols on each of the two portals in the base game. Once you understand that, then playing the slot becomes incredibly easy and also great fun.

As a lower to medium variance slot, the base game does see you win relatively frequently and these smaller wins can add up in value. You can also win larger sized pots from time to time but in truth to trigger the bigger wins in this slot you need to trigger the two key features.

The first of these is the Wild symbols. These are not visible on the reels in the standard base game, but when you land two of the same symbols on the two Portal spaces on the first and fifth reels, you will turn this symbol Wild. Not only do the two Portal space symbols turn Wild but any of the other symbols on the reels that are the same as the Portal symbol will also turn Wild too. Of course, the more you have of the transformed Wild symbols on the reel on any given spin, the more likely you are to trigger one of the bigger value wins in the game.

The other main bonus in the slot is the Free Spins bonus round and this is triggered when you land the two Free Spins symbols on the two Portal symbols. When you do this you will receive 10 free spins as a reward but during the 10 Free Spins round, on each of your free spins a further two more Magic Portals will appear on the reels at random on each spin. This allows you double the chance to land two of the same symbols and thus turn them Wild to increase your chances of a bigger value win, or you could land two more Free Spins symbols and retrigger the bonus for a further 10 free spins.

The much bigger wins in the Magic Portals slot are available when you trigger the Portals and land a large number of Wilds on the reels in the base game, or trigger the Free Spins round and start to get lucky by landing similar symbols in the four different Portals on each spin. Indeed this latter method is the best way to win the bigger prizes in the jackpot game.


Editor's Review

NetEnt are always one of the most innovative design studios and they should be credited with producing an enjoyable and different slot in Magic Portals. The way the Wild symbols and Scatter symbols are worked into the game using the two Magic Portals on the first and fifth reels may seem a little unappealing at first, but when you trigger the bonuses their value soon becomes apparent. With a decent sized maximum win of 64,000 coins available, this is a slot which can offer some sizeable wins, but which is a more medium to low volatility game which tends to payout players with smaller amounts more frequently. This is a different, fun to play slot which offers something new to slot players.

Where can I play?Bet365
Number of paylines:25
Number of reels:5
Is autoplay available?Yes
Game manufacturer:NetEnt