Mayweather V McGregor The Biggest Fight Ever Or A Total Mismatch?

This weekend sees one of the biggest sporting events of the year as undefeated world boxing champion Floyd Mayweather puts his record on the line in a special match up against one of the starts of Mixed Martial Arts, Irishman Conor McGregor.

While this is certain to be one of the biggest betting sports events of the year, not to mention one of the most spectacular, the fact that there is even a fight at all between the two brawlers has not been met with universal acceptance. A number of high profile boxing experts feel that this is nothing more than a sideshow, with McGregor’s lack of experience in the boxing ring likely to ensure a simple and empty victory for the undefeated world champion.

However, equally public clamour for the fight is growing and with so many people intrigued to see how the MMA star from Dublin can take it to the undisputed best boxer of his generation, for all the dissenters in the ranks regarding the fight, it is still proving to be a massive hit with boxing fans and also with punters too.

So in this week’s big sports betting preview, we are going to take a look at the fighters in a bit more detail before we give you our tips on how we see this epic clash panning out.

Floyd Mayweather Jr.

  • Height – 5ft 8 in
  • Reach – 72 cm
  • Age – 40
  • Total Fights – 49
  • Wins – 49
  • Losses – 0
  • Wins by KO – 26

World Champion At Five Weights: Super Featherweight, Lightweight, Super Lightweight, Welterweight and Light Middleweight

Mayweather Bio

Mayweather has boxed and beaten almost all the top welterweight and light middleweight boxers of his generation. His last knockout came way back in 2011 when he KO’d Victor Ortiz in the fourth round and his seven victories since then have all been via the judges’ scorecards with a couple of majority decisions in amongst the unanimous decisions.

Known for his outstanding defensive skills and his ability to land scoring punches on his opponent without receiving back any punishment in return, Mayweather’s style isn’t to the liking of all boxing fans and he has received criticism for a perceived lack of firepower and ability to knock opponents out, especially later in his career.

That said, he remains one of the greats of the sport and with an unblemished record, he stands to become one of the greatest of all time if he can take his record to the magical 50-0 with victory over McGregor.

 Conor McGregor

  • Height – 5ft 9 in
  • Reach – 74 in
  • Age – 29
  • Total Fights (MMA) – 24
  • Wins – 21
  • Losses – 3
  • Wins by KO – 18

MMA World Champion: Featherweight, Lightweight

McGregor Bio

Although McGregor has no official professional boxing experience, he actually began combat sports while boxing at Crumlin Boxing Club in Dublin as a child. As a youngster, he met fellow UFC fighter Tom Egan and they began to train in mixed martial arts.

McGregor was a quick learner and became a professional in 2008, moving into the UFC in 2013 when he was signed to the company following Dana White’s trip to Dublin. McGregor won his first seven UFC matches, securing the Featherweight Championshop, but was defeated by Nate Diaz in his eighth fight, his first at Welterweight.

He would then reverse that defeat five months later defeating Diaz by majority decision in August 2016, before then going on to win the UFC Lightweight Championship by defeating Eddie Alvarez in December 2016.

Since then McGregor has been largely inactive on the UFC scene, turning his attention to this bout against Floyd Mayweather, which will be his first ever boxing match up after being granted a licence to fight.

McGregor’s skills as a boxer were part of his main strengths in UFC and it remains to be seen whether these skills till translate into the boxing ring against a more experienced and specialised opponent of the calibre of Floyd Mayweather.

How will the Mayweather v McGregor Fight Go?

Having taken a brief look at both the fighters, the key consideration now has to be how do we think the fight will go. In MMA, McGregor has earned a reputation as something of a pugilist and also as a fast starter in bouts and it is my belief that he will understand, the longer the fight goes on, the more this is going to play into the hands of Mayweather and his boxing background.

As such, my belief is that McGregor will be keen to try and catch Mayweather off his guard, especially in the early rounds and while I don’t think the Irishman will come out all guns blazing, I do think he will be the aggressor in the earlier part of the fight.

The problem for McGregor is that this is precisely the kind of fighter that Mayweather likes to box against. The American is renowned for his ability to counterpunch and move away from danger without allowing his opponent to land any telling blows. Indeed, it is these precise skills which have seen him win many of his most recent bouts on points.

However, I think Mayweather will not be keen to win this one via the judges scorecard. The American has already said that if McGregor makes it to the final bell, he will view the contest as a failure. As such, Mayweather has heaped the pressure on himself to stop McGregor and I think the best chance for him to do this may well come after the first couple of rounds.

By then I expect McGregor to have thrown a lot of punches and not had a great deal of success and I can see the Irishman starting to get a little frustrated by this by the third or fourth round and to perhaps start to take more risks. It is at this point that I see Mayweather striking and perhaps delivering the winning blow.

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