Medusa II Slot Review

Medusa is one of the most famous of all characters from ancient Greek and Roman mythology. A gorgon, she is famous for being mortal and having snakes for hair, as well as a gaze that should any person look into it, they would be turn to stone and petrified where they stood.

She was slain, so the story goes, by the hero Perseus who, with help from his gifts from the gods, used a mirror in his shield to avert the direct gaze of Medusa and using this and his sword, he was able to decapitate the monster and summarily use her head to rescue the princess Andromeda from the Kraken.

Unsurprisingly, as one of the most famous of all the historical characters from Greek and Roman times, Medusa has been the focus of a number of slot games and NextGen Gaming have produced one prior to this game (Medusa) as well as progressive jackpot version of the Medusa II slot reviewed here and playable right now at Leo Vegas Casino.

What you have with this slot is a 5×3-reel slot that does away with pay lines and which instead has a total of 243-ways to win on each spin. Spins start at just £0.25p per spin, which is excellent value for money given the amount of ways you can win, but you can increase that wager amount up to £50 per spin if you prefer.

The line jackpot is a rather small 500 coins, but you can win this across multiple pay lines on a spin and indeed, landing multiple paying lines is the best way you are going to land some of the bigger value wins possible on the slot.

The setting for the slot is Medusa’s home, which is a collection of ruins and which, if the original literature is followed is a fictional island of Sarpedon (although some scholars have her travelling around Africa). The sky is a dark forboding mix of purple and red clouds and the reels are set back to look as if they are set in the entrance to the gorgon’s lair.

Alongside these features there is a rather dark and unsettling musical accompaniment to the slot which is very effective at nurturing a darker feel when playing the game. It’s more a collection of sound effects rather than music but the overall effect does give the games an ominous overtone.

On the reels there are a a total of ten standard symbols. The lower value of these symbols are five playing card symbols from the 10 through to the ace and these all pay out the same amount of coins per win. 5 coins for three symbols, 20 coins for four symbols across the reels and lastly 50 coins for 5 across the reels.  It is worth noting here that your standard bet however is 25 coins, so only 5 symbol combinations will result in a profit with these symbols.

Higher value symbols include a number of different items related to the story, there is a ring, a bow and arrow, a petrified soldier, an amulet and a helmet with a snake in it. These items offer the same amount of coins for three and four symbol wins of 10 coins and 25 coins, but the amount for five coins differs from 100 coins for the ring, 200 for the soldier and bow and arrow, 300 for the amulet and 400 for the helmet with the snake.

There are two other symbols on the reels, the Wild and Scatter symbols but these are both linked in with the key features of the slot which we will explore in more detail below.

Medusa II Slot Key Features

The Medusa’s face is the Wild symbol on the slot and it is stacked on all reels and substitutes for all the symbols apart from the Scatter. You can also win prizes for landing, three, four or five Medusa symbols across the reels with 20 coins for 3, 50 coins for four and the jackpot 500 coins for five Medusa Wilds across the reels.

Another key feature is the Turned To Stone Stacked Wilds bonus which can occur on any spin. When this happens, a soldier will appear and will try and attack Medusa. When she fixes her gaze upon him, he will turn to stone and when he does he will reveal a Stack of Wilds on the reel where he fell, which can trigger new or further wins from that spin.

The most regular feature to trigger is the Locked Reels bonus. When this occurs, any two, three, four or five adjacent reels will lock together and will spin in sequence together, displaying the same symbols on the same row. This can lead to some sizeable wins in the base game, especially when you trigger three or more of these Locked Reels together and you cover the first two reels in particular.

The best feature for bigger value wins more consistently however is the Medusa’s Locked Reels Free Games bonus, which is triggered when you land three or more of the Medusa II logo symbols anywhere across the reels.

You begin the bonus with 10 free spins, but every one of your bonus spins will see reels locked together for the bonus. The number of reels locked together, and which reels are included when locked, are randomly selected on each spin and this can result in some massive payouts, especially when you land some of the Stacked Wilds on the reels or hit four or five of the Locked Reels in play.

You can also re-trigger an extra 5 free spins by landing three or more of the Medusa Scatter symbols on the reels during the bonus game.

hat has a darker atmosphere than most and which revels in that. The game itself sounds complicated but is actually very simple to play and at just £0.25 per spin for the lower value players, it is also great value for money too. The single line jackpot of 500 coins isn’t high, but the likelihood is, with Wilds being stacked on the reels, that this jackpot will be triggered across multiple pay lines on a spin, which can result in some massive jackpot prizes.


Editor's Review

The Medusa II slot is the sequel to the original Medusa game from NextGen gaming and this slot packs many similar features of the original game, but adds a few tweaks and new features. The different bojnus features, particularly the Turned to Stone Stacked Wilds can land you some nice wins in the base game, but it is the Free Spins bonus featuring Locked Reels, which gives you a better chance of a bigger win. A medium variance slot it can play somewhat variably at times and it is an enjoyable game without being one that ever really grabs your attention.

Where can I play?Leo Vegas
Number of paylines:243-ways to win
Number of reels:5
Is autoplay available?Yes
Game manufacturer:NextGen Gaming