Merlin’s Millions Slot Review

Merlin is one of the most enigmatic and memorable characters from Arthurian legend. The famous wizard crops up time and time again throughout the stories to assist Arthur or advise him, although at times you are never quite sure if his intentions are quite so well meant as they seem. Over time, Merlin has become as famous and appealing as King Arthur himself and as a result, he is a popular figure to base many different forms of entertainment upon. Now not only do we have films and TV shows based on the mage, but there is now an exciting slot to play at Bet365 Casino from NextGen Gaming called Merlin’s Millions.

The basics of the slot reveal that this is a 5×4 reel game that has a total of 50 paylines in play on each spin. You cannot select the paylines, but you can change the size of your bet by increasing the value of the paylines from $0.02 up to $0.40 per spin. This gives you a rather nice and flexible betting range of between $1.00 and $20.00 per spin and that means medium to lower stakes players will certainly feel that this is a viable option. However, there is a feature you can access, called SuperBet, which can radically increase the size of your bet (and potential wins) which we will explain in more detail a little later.

The setting of the slot is a rather beautiful forest clearing and you can see Merlin to the left of the reels. Merlin can and does interact with the user at times based on what happens on the reels (or if you don’t spin for a little while). The feeling of the slot is mysterious rather than frightening or spooky. The symbols on the reels include the usual playing card low symbols, which includes nine through to ace) and there are a number of Merlin-themed symbols as the higher value ones including a spellbook, Merlin’s Staff and a purple coloured bottle which appears to contain an eye. The spellbook is the key to the standard base game jackpot with five on a payline offering 1,000 coins when triggered.

Merlin’s Millions Slot Key Features

The first key feature of the Merlin’s Millions slot is the SuperBet option. This is a feature you activate and decide upon before your spin begins. What it is, is a feature that allows you to increase your bet by a factor of one for each level of the bet, which will then apply a multiplier of 2x, 4x, 6x, 8x or 10x the standard win to any wins you achieve that is completed with a Wild symbol. However, the feature isn’t cheap to use as activating the first level and a 2x multiplier doubles your bet from a minimum of $1 to $2. Playing with the 10x multiplier in play at the highest level is a minimum bet of $7 per spin.

You therefore need to ascertain how much of the SuperBet feature you wish to activate or indeed, whether you want to use it at all in the game. In my view a 10x multiplier applied to wins that use a Wild symbol isn’t great value when you are facing a 700% markup in the cost of every spin you make on the slot and this is probably the biggest issue I have with this particular feature, especially when you consider most wins on the slot are small and will not cover your initial stake.

There are two other key features in the Merlin’s Millions slot that are certainly better value for the player and the first of these is the Owl Bonus. Land the Owl Bonus symbol anywhere on reels one, three and five and an Owl will appear on screen and fly across the reels, turning each of the symbols into an Owl symbol. You then pick from the symbols to uncover a cash prize and you can keep picking provided you keep landing cash prizes and not the Collect option, which ends the bonus feature and returns you to the base game.

The second in game feature is the Blue Orb bonus game and this is a free spins bonus, where you need to land the Blue Orb symbol on the middle three reels to trigger five free spins. During this bonus however Merlin will use his Staff to perform magic on the reels and will turn up to three reels Wild. Although you do not get many Free Spins, this bonus feature does offer the potential for some huge returns and the chance of multiple payline lines.

The final feature is a Gamble feature, which can be used on any cash win which allows you to predict the colour of the next card correctly to double your money, or the suit of the card to quadruple your cash, though if you guess wrong, you lose the money.


Editor's Review

There’s so much to like about the Merlin’s Millions slot in terms of presentation, sounds and potential bonuses but as a complete package as a slot, it just doesn’t quite deliver the goods to take it into the league of the very best. The game itself is beautifully realised, with some lovely touches and nice humour. It has some inventive features too, but the Super Bet option is so expensive for what it is that it puts it beyond the means of most lower stakes gamers and with it in play, the play value of the slot is generally poor due to the high number of lower value wins, many of which are just a fraction of your stake, that you encounter.

Where can I play?Bet365
Number of paylines:50
Number of reels:5
Is autoplay available?Yes
Game manufacturer:NextGen Gaming