All You Need To Bet In Play With Coral (And Hopefully Make a Profit)

Betting In-Play is all the rage for many punters who enjoy the fluidity offered by this form of betting. You can see an odds-on market suddenly drift to heavily odds against within a few seconds and of course, this change in prices in the market presents the opportunity for punters to try and make a nice profit, if they place the right bet at the right time.

So, if you wanted to start betting In-Play at Coral Sports, what do you need? What strategy should you adopt? What should you be doing while betting In-Play at Coral? Can you bet from your mobile on an event while present at it and viewing it in real time, and if you can, should you?

All these questions and more are answered in this guide to In-Play betting with Coral and we’re going to start at the very beginning by looking at exactly what In-Play betting is.

What is Coral In-Play betting?

At its simplest, In-Play betting is the ability to bet on a sporting event while it is in progress. In the past, it was only possible for punters to place bets on sports betting markets before an event started. However, the advent of the Internet, plus the mass coverage of many sports from TV and Live Streams made it possible for bookmakers to offer punters the opportunity to bet on a range of sporting events while they are in progress.

Almost all In-Play betting events tend to be on games or combat sports such as Tennis, Football, Basketball, Baseball, Ice Hockey, Cricket, Snooker, Darts, Boxing etc. Occasionally you will find In Play betting available for other sports such as F1 Racing and similar. However, sites tend not to offer In Play betting on short-duration, race-based events, such as horse races or greyhound racing, although there are always exceptions to this general rule.

How extensively is In-Play betting available at Coral Sport?

Coral Sport offers a massive choice of In-Play betting via its dedicated In-Play platform and it is also integrated into the main menu of the Coral Sports site too. The number of events you can bet on In-Play each day is huge with almost as many markets available In-Play as there are for standard pre-match betting markets.

A full list of events from a wide range of sports is shown in the Coral In-Play section each day and you can even check through the Calendar to see when other big sporting events will be available that will also offer In-Play betting.

Can I use a Live Streaming option when betting In-Play?

Yes, Live Streaming and betting In-Play go hand-in-hand together as you can follow the action of an event on the Live Stream and then use what you see to inform your In-Play bets that you make online. Remember too, there are other Live Streaming services available other than Coral’s and you can open a couple of browser windows to watch other Live Streams and still be able to bet at Coral provided you are logged in to your account.

Remember, Coral also offer a Multi-View service which allows you to drag In-Play betting events into a specially designed screen which allows you to keep tabs on multiple events at once.

How should I prepare when thinking about In-Play betting at Coral?

The key thing you need to do when betting at Coral on In-Play betting is to ensure that bet365 sports guideyou fund your account with enough cash to last through the entire session, even if you don’t win a bet. How you go about setting this amount is up to you, you may just decide a cash sum, or you may think about how many bets you plan to make, their value and add them up to decide on the amount you require.

The reason you are better off having these funds readily available is that In-Play betting is fluid and the odds on a market can change very quickly in a short space of time. If you have to stop betting to go and add more funds to your account, you can miss getting a bet on a great value market and you don’t really want to risk that as this is the most exciting part of In-Play betting for many customers.

Once you have your account funded for the session, you then need to think about how you will keep tabs on the event. Live Streaming or watching an event live (either on TV or in person) is preferable to the information available on the Coral Site about an In-Play betting event but that is preferable to simply placing bets blind (which is a risky strategy in this form of betting in particular). You need to ensure you have this set up prior to starting betting in order to maximise your chances of landing a profit from the session.

With your source of information set up and your account funded, you are now ready to start placing In-Play bets with Coral.

What In-Play bets should I place?

There are many different In-Play bets available across the range of sports and markets at Coral In-Play betting and picking which is the best one can be tricky, especially if you are not used to this form of betting.

If you prefer to place lots of little bets, you should focus on the markets that are quick to resolve. Such as betting on which player will win the next game in a tennis match, or which football team will get the next corner in a soccer game.

However, if you prefer to place bets that offer slightly better odds and which are resolved over a longer period, there are other options to consider, such as predicting the correct score of the next set in a tennis match, or the number of total points scored in a basketball match at half time or similar.

In truth, In-Play betting is so diverse and offers so many different markets over different time periods for a range of sports that you can always find a bet suited to what you are looking for. However, one thing is key on every In-Play bet you make and that is timing the bet is crucial.

How crucial is timing my In-Play bets?

If you want to make a profit betting In-Play then timing when you place your bets is fundamental to maximising any profits that you make. What you are looking for is to place a bet on a market that has a good chance of success, at a point when the odds on that market are at their greatest.

Let’s say for example, there is a football match between Newcastle United and Everton and Everton have won a corner. The odds on them scoring the next goal In Play would shorten, while the odds on Newcastle would lengthen.

However, if you have been watching this game and know Newcastle have pacy players who can counter-attack quickly and cause Everton real problems, then you know if Newcastle can defend the corner and hit Everton on the counter, they could well score the next goal. So, this may well be a prudent time to bet on Newcastle scoring next, as the odds will be better than if you wait for a Newcastle attack or corner or similar.

In-Play betting has taken off massively since the dawn of the Internet and it is now one of the most popular forms of betting on all top sports betting sites such as Coral Sports.