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What You Need To Know About Playing Mobile Slots

Slots are by far and away the most popular and most played of all casino games whether that is in the real world, or via online play from your PC or mobile. Every year, more and more people are trying their hand at playing mobile slots and inBet365 Vegas South Park Slots this article, we’ll hopefully give you plenty of useful information about slot gaming via your mobile.

So to begin with, let’s look at some common questions pertaining to online slots, and to finish we’ll look at five of the best mobile-friendly slots sites and then which sites are best for the specific types of slot that you enjoy playing most often.

So to begin with, lets answer three common slots questions aimed at the novice mobile slot enthusiast.

3. Am I just as likely to win money playing slots as I am any other casino game?

In all likelihood, no, but it does depend on what game you play. To understand your chances of winning on slots, you need to understand what the house edge is in terms of mobile casino gaming.

The house edge is simply how much chance the house has of winning the bet you make. For example, in Roulette, betting on red or black has a house edge of around 2.7% (for a single zero wheel). However, if you play Keno, then the house edge can be anywhere from 25 to 29% which is massive in favour of the casino winning.

Typically, slots tend to have a house edge of around 2% to 15%, but generally slots are not considered to be a reliable way to win money in casinos. This is especially the case when compared to games where a little strategy can be used to enhance the players chances of success (such as in blackjack), or where the house odds are generally small due to the nature of the game (roulette, craps or baccarat).

2. Do all slots pay out at the same level and frequency?

Wild Safari Slot Pocket FruityNo. Slots pay out at different rates and that rate can be different from slot to slot within the same casino and also across different casinos.

How much a slot pays out and how often is indicated by its payout percentage. This is simply a statement of how much, on average, of the money the slot takes in through players paying to play, gets paid out in prizes to players. The payout percentage can be anywhere from 75% (which is very low) up to 98%.

However, it is important to note here that a payout percentage does not mean that if you play a slot and wager £100, you will receive £98 back in winnings. That percentage is calculated over millions of spins and as such, a small number of spins (say 1,000 or fewer) can result in a player experiencing either a very high number of wins, or a very low number or anywhere in between.

As a general rule of thumb, the higher the payout of a slot in terms of jackpot size (especially on progressive jackpot games), then the smaller the payout percentage tends to be, although this is a very general rule.

1. Can I develop a strategy to become more successful playing slots?

The short answer to this is that while some slots pay out at different rates and have considerably different jackpots available to be won, there is no way you can develop a strategy that is effective all the time at winning on slots.

The reason for this is simple. Modern online slots have at their heart a random number generator (RNG). It is this RNG that selects which combination of symbols appear across the reels.

Seeing as the RNG is completely random, you cannot devise a strategy for slots that will ensure winning as slots do not play to any set patterns or pre-planned payout schemes. Every spin is random, you are as likely to win on your next spin as you are the 100th or 1000th spin of the session.

Don’t be fooled by claims that a person has a ‘secret way’ to win on the slots. The integrity of the RNG in these games is independently tested over billions of spins and as such, there is no way to effectively strategise to win more when playing.

Five top sites for mobile slots

If you are looking for some top quality mobile slots, to play then we strongly suggest you check out the following sites:Bet365 Casino Sky Vegas Jack Gold Bet365 Games Mega Moolah

5. mFortune Casino

Only a relatively small number of slots to choose from, but they are all of a high quality and you do get a fantastic no deposit bonus when you sign up. The mFortune Casino is an ideal choice for a beginner who wants an easy to download, simple to play high quality slot on their mobile or tablet.

Follow the link to read a recent mFortune mobile casino review.

4. Bet365 Casino, Bet365 Games and Bet365 Vegas

Three quality sites from Bet365 each of which offers a wide number of slot games different to each other. You only need one log in from Bet365 to access all sites and you can access each starter bonus in turn provided you complete one bonus before starting another.

To learn more about any of these top UK mobile betting sites, click the links for a Bet365 Casino & Games review.

3. Sky Casino

Sky Casino focuses more on casino games, so if you want top quality slot action, head to Sky Vegas. There is a far greater choice of slots including some outstanding progressive games that are not available on any other site.

For more information, be sure to check out our full review of Sky Casino for mobile.

2. Pocket Fruity

Dedicated predominantly to slots on your mobile, Pocket Fruity is an outstanding site offering a good choice of easy to play slots that are perfectly suited to mobile play. A full review of the site, including a look at the Pocket Fruity mobile bonus offer, is accessible by following the link.

1. LadyLucks Casino

A great sign up offer and a superb choice of slot games available for both Android and iOS devices. There’s a good choice of slots too, ranging from 3-reel slots to bigger progressive jackpot games on four or five reels. If you’re intrigued by the wide variety offered by Lady Luck, you won’t want to miss our LadyLucks mobile casino review.

Five top mobile slots types to try (and where!)

If there’s a specific type of slot you want to play then take a look at the list below and you should find what you are looking for very easily.

  1. Progressive Jackpot Slots – Mega Moolah, Major Millions (Sky Vegas and Bet365 Games), Sky Millions (Sky Vegas), Viz (Sky Vegas) and Mega Fortune (Bet365 Vegas) are all excellent options to try. Remember, you can play for the Mega Moolah progressive jackpot across a number of different machines (including Batman franchise tie-in The Dark Knight)
  2. Film and TV Tie Ins – Gladiator, The Money Drop (Bet365 Games), Aliens, South Park Reel Chaos and Scarface (Bet365 Vegas), Deal or No Deal, Star Trek and Sky Sports Slot (Sky Vegas)
  3. Mobile-optimised slots – Download any of the slots from mFortune slot, or download apps from Elite Mobile Casino, Pocket Fruity or Lady Lucks Casino for a great choice of games, combined with a superb sign up offer.
  4. Retro Slots – Pocket Fruity offers an excellent range of 3-reel and 4-reel slots alongside 5-reel video slots and progressive games that are ideally suited to playing from a mobile.
  5. Latest Slots – If you want to play the latest games then ensure you have Sky Vegas and Bet365 Casino, Games and Vegas ready to call up on your mobile or tablet as these tend to have the newest games, most often.

So if you have just received a mobile or tablet for Christmas, or you are just looking for a new way to spend some time on your device, then check out any of these fantastic slots and sites and you will not be disappointed.