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Frequently Asked Questions: My Partner Has A Gambling Problem

When you have a partner with a gambling problem, it can be very distressing.

It’s hard for those closest to someone with an addiction and it can be difficult to know exactly what you should do.

We’re going to take you through a few frequently asked questions that you might be asking yourself right now. And we’re also going to give you some places where you, and your partner, can find external help and support.

Remember that it is not your fault that they have developed a gambling problem. You are in a very difficult position and you need support yourself through this time, before you can help them. So do as much research as you can, protect yourself and try to make time to enjoy things on your own terms too.

FAQs: Partner with a gambling problem

What are the most common signs my partner has a gambling problem?

Here are some of the most common things you can look out for in a partner with a gambling problem:

  • Lying about gambling
  • Can’t control their finances
  • Taking out loans to pay for gambling
  • You suspect they have stolen from you or others
  • Gambling for a long time
  • You have more and more fights about gambling
  • They seem withdrawn
  • Uninterested in hobbies they used to love
  • Performance in work and/or studies is suffering

How do I broach the topic of gambling addiction with my partner?

This is the most sensitive topic and it can be daunting to talk to your partner about it. However, it is crucial you do. It’s all too easy to sweep things under the carpet and ignore major issues. But the longer you do that, the harder it will be in the long run.

Be Gamble Aware has some great information for you on how to approach this topic and what you can expect your loved ones response to be.

What do I do if I’m worried about my finances as a result of their gambling?

Now this is tricky. If your partner is financially linked with you, for example if you both share bills, a mortgage, rent, their gambling problem can become a serious threat to your financial safety too.

It’s important for you both to get financial help if you start noticing mounting debts, loans or bills not being paid.

Can I stop my partner from gambling?

The sad truth is that it’s impossible to stop someone from doing something. They need to take that step themselves. You can install gambling blocking tools on their devices. You can also encourage them to self-exclude from any online gambling sites.

But ultimately, they must make the final decision themselves. And in order to stop gambling for good, they have to get support from organisations such as Be Gamble Aware, that can guide them to getting counselling and other important coping methods for stopping for good.

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