Play Better Baccarat at bet365 Games with This Useful Guide

The game of baccarat was originally an Italian invention, where it was called “baccara”, which is named after the Italian word for ‘zero’. After proving popular in Italy, the game was exported across Europe, notably into France and the United Kingdom, and from there the game went global, heading next to North America and the far East.

In recent times, and certainly since the dawn of the digital age, baccarat has taken a back seat to the likes of online poker and blackjack in terms of being a popular card game. However, over recent years, the allure of baccarat has returned and a growing number of customers at online casinos are starting to explore the game a little more and equally, are enjoying the different challenges it represents compared to other card games.

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Baccarat was a game that was hugely popular with the French aristocracy back in the 1700s, when it was known as Chemin de Fer and despite what the 2006 remake of Casino Royale may lead you to think, it was also the preferred game for wagering for a certain James Bond, the famous spy created by author Ian Fleming. So, if it is good enough for super-spies and French royalty, it is surely well worth taking a look at what the game of baccarat has to offer at bet365 Games?

Let’s begin by explaining the basic rules of baccarat, before we move onto the specifics of the game offered at bet365 Games.

Standard Baccarat Rules

Before you play a single hand of baccarat, it is important to understand some of the basic rules of the game and how the cards are given a value (and more importantly, how that value of your hand is calculated).

There are just five rules you need to know before we start getting into the specifics of how a hand of baccarat plays out and these rules are:

  • The game uses six decks of cards (52 cards in each, 312 cards in total) in its shoe.
  • Before every hand of baccarat, the cards in the shoe are shuffled.
  • The suits of each card are immaterial in baccarat, only the numeric value is of relevance.
  • The numeric values of each card are outlined below:

Ace – 1, Two – 2, Three – 3, Four – 4, Five – 5, Six – 6, Seven – 7, Eight – 8, Nine – 9, Ten, Jack, Queen and King – 0

  • To calculate the value of your hand, you only use the units value of the total in your hand. For example, if you are dealt your two face cards and they are a seven and a four, then this totals 11, however you disregard the first digit and use the units digit only, which is a 1. This is true whether your hand totals 10+ points or more. Your score can only ever be between zero and nine.

How a hand of baccarat progresses

To begin a hand of baccarat at bet365 games, you need to place a bet worth £1.00 or more onthe outcome of the game. Your bet is not dependent on you winning the hand, unlike poker or blackjack, but instead on you picking the right option to back with your bet. You are not backing yourself to win the game, just deciding who will win the hand, dealer, player or whether it will be a tie.

The standard betting options in baccarat are, back the dealer to win, back the player to win, or the hand to finish in a tie. Usually, you will receive odds of even money to back the dealer or player, with larger odds (9/1 in this version on bet365 Games) on the tie.

Once your bet is placed, you can click on the deal button and both the player and banker will be dealt two cards face up. You then use the methodology outlined above (disregarding any digits in the tens column) to calculate the value of your hand in points, which will be between zero and nine.

What happens then depends on the value of the cards held by the player and the dealer.

  • A Natural – If the dealer or the player (or both) have been dealt two cards that add up to either eight or, better still, nine points, then the game ends and the player with the better hand is declared the winner. This is called a Natural.
  • Stand – If the player is dealt two cards with a value of six or seven points, then the player will Stand, which means that they do not receive any more cards added to their hand.
  • Draw – If a player’s hand is valued at five or less, then the player will automatically draw another card from the pack. This additional card is added to the players current total to calculate their new total. If the players hand remains at five points or below, then they can continue to draw until they have at least six cards in their hand. If they land a value of six or seven at any point then they will automatically stand, while a value of 8 or 9 will see them land a Natural.
  • Dealer Draws – If a player Stands or has a score of five or less after they have drawn their cards, then the dealer will draw cards to their hand in the same way as the player. At the end of the hand, the winner is declared and any bets on that selection are paid out.

As you can see, the game of baccarat is based entirely on situational rules which dictate whether a player or the dealer draws a card or nor. As such, there is no strategic element involved in this game, which means players are not penalised for not being experienced at playing baccarat.

Additional bets in bet35 Games version of baccarat

In addition to the three standard betting options outlined above, bet365 Games version of baccarat also offers players the chance to make four other bets depending on the four cards that the player and dealer receive as their initial two face-up cards. These bets are:

  • Player Pair – This is a bet where you bet on the player receiving a pair of cards of the same value. Such as two fives. This pays out at 11/1.
  • Banker Pair – As the name suggests, this is a bet on the banker being dealt a pair of cards of the same value. This also pays out at odds of 11/1..
  • Either Pair – This is a more flexible betting option and pays out at 5/1, if any of the four face up cards dealt to the banker and player initially can be combined to form a pair. For example, if the dealer is dealt a King and a Three and the player receives a Five and A King, then the two kings would see you earn a pay out on this bet.
  • Perfect Pair – This is the longest odds additional bet available paying out at 25/1 and it is the only time that the suits matter in the game of baccarat, For this bet to land, a player must be dealt to cards of the same value and the same suit (so, two five of clubs would qualify as a winner). Remember, there are six packs of cards used in a pack so there are six of each card in the shoe for the game of baccarat making this bet possible.

Although perhaps not the most popularly played game online, baccarat does enjoy a strong following in real world casinos and some high rollers have won, and lost, very large amounts of money playing the game. Bet365 Games version is a fantastic way to experience the game for yourself for just £1.00 per hand.