Prove You Are No Slouch And Be A £200,000 Cash Dash Winner At Bet365 Casino

Slot gaming is a great way to relax, unwind and enjoy some downtime with the chance that you could hit it lucky and land yourself a decent win that may pay for a night out, or perhaps if you are very lucky on a more lucrative slot, perhaps that new car that you were looking for. Of course this doesn’t happen all the time, that’s the very nature of slots, but what if you could give yourself a chance to win cash and then a second chance to win money simply by playing slot games?

Better still, what if these slot games were half a dozen of the best and newest slots at one of the best online casinos available in the UK? If that sounds like an offer that you would very much like to be part of then head on over to Bet365 Casino and check out their latest £200,000 Summer Cash Dash promotion.

There’s no better time to sign up with the company than now to take advantage of this great new offer throughout September so why not check out the latest slew of offers on out Bet365 Bonus Code page and see what sign up offer will suit you?

Once you have signed up all you need to do is deposit your cash, claim your bonus and then load up the Bet365 Casino site and then get ready to enjoy a month of high quality slot gaming, which could offer you the chance to win your share of a massive prize pool.

The Bet365 Casino £200,000 Summer Cash Dash Explained

The most important thing to note about the £200,000 Summer Cash Dash at Bet365 Casino is that this is a limited-time promotion only. The offer will run from the 25th August through until the 14th September only, so you still have a little time to participate both throughout the remainder of this week and into next week.

The general gist of the promotion is very simple. You play a selection of slot games in each of the three promotional weeks (called “Periods” for the purpose of this offer) and each time you wager £10 on a slot, or cumulatively across the slots, you will earn yourself one ticket into the next weekly prize draw.

For every other £10 you wager in a promotional period, you will earn an additional prize draw ticket for the draw at the end of that promotional period. Your tickets are then entered into that draw and if you are drawn out of the hat, you will win one of the cash prizes available. It is that easy to follow and so easy to understand.

However, to get the best out of these deals it is important to understand the key details of the offer and this starts with knowing which of the six slots available at Bet365 Casino are the ones included in the offer.

The Six £200,000 Summer Cash Dash Slots

The six slots you can play as part of this offer are:

  • Age of the Gods God of Storms
  • Heart of the Frontier
  • Ice Cave
  • Legacy of the Wild
  • Robocop
  • Tiki Paradise

Only play on these six slots will contribute towards you earning prize draw tickets, so if you want to participate in the offer, focus your slot gaming at Bet365 Casino on these slots for the duration of the promotion.

Of course, you’ll have now realised that to have a greater chance of a cash prize in each of the three draws, you need to enter as many tickets as possible into each draw and fortunately there is a little assistance you can rely on to help you with this.

That is because one of the six slots in each of the three promotional periods, is a designated Double Ticket games.

What are Double Ticket games?

As the name suggests, Double Ticket games are games that when played in the qualifying week in which they are active, will award you two prize draw tickets instead of one for every £10 that you spend playing that game.

Each of the three promotional periods has one designated Double Ticket game and these are outlined below:

  • 25th to 31st August – Legacy of the Wild
  • 1st to 7th September – Age of the Gods God of Storms
  • 8th to 14th September – Robocop

When one of the Double Ticket games is not active (such as Robocop in the first two promotional periods of the offer) then you can still play this slot, but you will earn one prize draw ticket per £10 spend. It is only in the final week that play on Robocop will earn you two prize draw tickets per £10 spend.

So I have played the slots and got my prize draw tickets, what happens now?

At the end of each qualifying period all the players at Bet365 Casino that have earned prize draw tickets will have them entered automatically into the prize draw that takes place at the end of that period. Each prize draw has a prize pool and that prize pool is subdivided up into thousands of smaller cash prizes.

Thousands of tickets are drawn and if your ticket is one of those drawn, you will win one of the cash prizes on offer. Every ticket you enter can be a winner, so if you enter multiple tickets, all your tickets could win a prize.

The first two prize draws have a prize fund of £50,000 in total available in each with the third prize draw having the largest prize fund available of £100,000. These prizes are broken down as follows:

First and Second Prize Draws of £50,000

Cash Prize Amount No of Prizes to be won
£5,000 1
£1,000 5
£500 9
£100 30
£50 50
£20 250
£10 2,500

Third Prize Draw of £100,000

Cash Prize Amount No of Prizes to be won
£5,000 2
£1,000 9
£500 20
£100 60
£50 100
£20 500
£10 5000

What can I do with any prizes that I may win in the prize draw?

What is brilliant about this offer from Bet365 Casino is that any money you are awarded through a prize draw prize is given to you as a cash prize, not (as is the norm on many offers, not just those with Bet365 Casino) as bonus funds.

That means you can, if you so wish, withdraw any prizes you win as part of this offer back to your chosen bank account or credit/debit card. With bonus funds, you have to use them playing games on the site.

You can still of course elect to use these funds for playing games at Bet365 Casino, but the choice is yours. However, you need to make your decision what to do with the prizes you do win within 14 days otherwise they will expire and be removed from your account.

This is a simple and easy to follow promotion available for three weeks across August and September at Bet365 Casino, so why not log in over the next fortnight to see if you can earn your share of the cash  up for grabs.