Seven 7’s Slot Review

A little while back, Crazy Tooth Studios released a brand new game that took slot gaming in a whole new direction. That slot was the Incredible Balloon Machine and it offered slot gamers a brand new way to gamble that was nothing like any game seen before it.

Fast-forward a couple of weeks and the same studio is at it again with its latest release, the Seven 7’s slot game. The word ‘slot’ is the key thing to note here as this is the first slot game I know of that starts with just a single slot in play and just three different symbols on the reel.

So how can a game that is a slot, see a player win when there are so few reels and so few symbols? Well the way that Crazy Tooth Studios have come up with is something called Continuwin, where if you land a winning symbol on the reel, you launch another reel next to it, complete with a free respin of that wheel. Land another winning symbol and you continue on, increasing the value of your prize as you go.

It all sounds rather complicated but in truth, the Seven 7’s slot is as easy, if not easier to pick up and play as any slot game and it does offer something truly original in the industry. Let’s take a closer look at the game now and its main features.

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Key Information for the Seven 7’s slot game

  • Developed By – Crazy Tooth Studios (for Microgaming)
  • Mobile – Yes
  • Number of Reels – 1 (expanding to 7)
  • Number of Pay Lines – 1
  • Minimum Bet – 0.20
  • Maximum Bet – 10.00
  • Free Spins Bonus? – No
  • Other Bonuses? –  Yes
  • Standard Jackpot – 25,000x
  • Progressive? – No
  • Volatility? – High

The slot is based loosely on a seven seas theme, although this is not exactly prevalent in the game and it is only in cut scenes and at the start of the game that this is obvious. The main focus is on the reels and how they can be expanded by landing winning symbols in sequence to create larger wins. The game starts with a single reel and can be played from 0.20 up to 10.00 per spin.

Theme and Presentation

As we have mentioned, the slot is loosely based on the theme of the seven seas but in truth the theme of the slot hardly plays any role in the game, save for a couple of animations at the beginning and during a big win. The presentation of the slot is nicely done with some colourful graphics and jaunty tunes.

One small gripe is that sometimes, when the number of reels increases, some of the items on the screen, such as the paytable, do not display correctly on all devices and I would hope a small patch would be made available to rectify what is a small but nonetheless noticeable issue.


There are just three symbols on each reel of the Seven 7’s slot, although it is possible to land the reel in the gap between two symbols. One of the symbols is a Wild Multiplier (which we will explore more in the section below) and another is the Bar symbol, which serves no purpose in the game other than to act as a blocking symbol to end the run of winning spins.

The key symbol, as you will guess from the title, is a lucky 7 and if you can land this in full on the reel that is being spun, then you will trigger the addition of another reel and a free respin of that reel (with all the previously won 7 symbols held in place).

You can trigger up to seven reels in this way to claim the jackpot prize of 25,000x your bet.

Wild Symbol

The Wild Symbol is a Multiplier Wild and when you land this on either the second, third, fifth or six reels, it replaces the Lucky 7 winning symbol, triggers a respin and also applies a 2x multiplier to your total win. Best of all, if you can land multiple Wilds on a winning set of spins, then you can add up the multiplier for each of the Wilds you land, increasing the overall value of your win considerably. However multiplier wins are not applied to a jackpot win.

Re-Spins Bonus

Each time you land a 7 on the reels, you trigger a Re-Spins bonus and once you have landed two of the 7 symbols on consecutive spins, you are guaranteed a cash prize. These prizes are:

Two 7’s in succession – 2x your bet

Three 7s in succession – 10x your bet

Four 7s in succession – 25x your bet

Five 7s in succession – 75x your bet

Six 7s in succession – 250x your bet

Seven 7s in succesion – Jackpot prize of 25,000x your bet

If on any respin you land the bar symbol, or on one of the gaps between symbols, then your spin sequence ends, any winnings are paid out and you revert back to the one reel.

Other Bonuses and Information

There are no other bonuses involved in the Seven 7’s slot other than those outlined above. The game is a higher variance game though and as such, it is more suited to players that prefer this particular form of wagering.


Editor's Review

If you are looking for a slot game that offers something very different to your usual 5×3 reel slot, then Seven 7’s is a great place to start. Crazy Tooth Studio have a track record of producing new, unusual and innovative games and this new game and its Continuwin feature are a great example of that. I don’t think the game will enjoy huge longevity, but for a few spins from time to time it offers a great alternative to standard slots.

Where can I play?bet365 Games
Number of paylines:1
Number of reels:1 (expands to 7)
Is autoplay available?Yes
Game manufacturer:Crazy Tooth Studios