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SkyBet vs Bet365 Sports: The Battle For The Title Of King Of Mobile Sports Betting?

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Two of the best sites for mobile casino gaming and mobile poker also offer an exceptional range of sports betting markets. Bet365 Sport and SkyBet are two of the premier mobile sports betting sites in the UK and both offer an extensive and impressive mobile sports book.

Indeed that is why we highly recommend taking a look at our Bet365 review as well as the review of Sky Vegas.

The sports betting industry within the UK is a highly competitive industry, so you have to be one of the market leaders in order to make the level of progress and market penetration both these sites have made over the past few years.

So we already know that SkyBet and Bet365 Sport are the best of the best when it comes to online or mobile sports betting, but the crucial and million-dollar question is which one is the best?

That is not as easy a question to answer as it first sounds as our extensive review of each of the mobile versions of the sites quickly proved.

To enable us to reach our conclusion we decided to compare each site across a number of different key criteria that are pertinent to punters. We’ll then examine the results of each of these comparisons before reaching our final conclusion.

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Range of promotions

There’s a marked difference in policy regarding how Bet365 Sport and SkyBet approach promotions (other than their new player promotion) on their respective sites.

SkyBet UK PromotionsWith Bet365 Sports, they tend to offer the same promotions constantly all year round.

This means that if there is an offer on Bet365 Sport, such as the Euro Soccer Bonus or the Price Promise for all horse races shown live on Channel 4, then this offer is available at all times throughout the year.

It is generally rare that Bet365 Sports will introduce a short-term bonus and if they do, it tends to be for a major sporting event (such as the World Cup in football).

SkyBet however take a slightly different tack. Their promotions tend to be short-term offers which are based around specific sporting events. The site also offers regular Price Boosts on selected markets throughout the week.

Over the past 12 months or so, SkyBet have further diversified their range of offers to include access to other forms of promotion, such as Sky Fantasy Football, Sky Super Six, plus the introduction of the Sky Bet Club (although the terms and conditions of it were radically altered following the end of the 2013-2014 football season).

This gives people plenty of free gambling opportunities in addition to the bets they make on the site.

In my view, SkyBet just edge Bet365 Sports in terms of promotions offered in terms of a better variety of promotions, more events covered and free to enter competitions. Bet365 Sports promotions however offer fantastic value for money, especially if you bet on these markets regularly, but for sheer variety and number of promotions combined with value, SkyBet just pinches this.


Range of markets

Checking out each site reveals that both SkyBet and Bet365 Sports offer around 30 different markets in their list of sporting events. So all is equal it seems, but that isn’t actually the case.

Bet365 Sports Available MarketsAs an example, I took a recent soccer match between Andorra and Wales. I checked both sites for the number of markets on this game that were on offer. For SkyBet, they had 73 bets available, however on Bet365 Sports, there were 109 bets available.

Indeed, on the date that fixture was played, Bet365 Sports consistently offered more betting markets for football matches compared to SkyBet, with only a few games seeing SkyBet offering more markets than Bet365 Sports.

The same pattern was followed across the following weekend’s Premier League games where SkyBet were offering around 54 to 55 bets on each game several days before the games were due to kick off, while Bet365 were offering around 85 betting markets on each game.

There was a similar pattern for golf, for the Tour Championship event Sky offered 9 betting markets, Bet365 were offering 14.

Although SkyBet offers a slightly smaller choice, it is worth saying here that all the key and most popular betting markets are covered by the company and they do offer regular Price Boosts on some betting markets which can make betting with them far better value for the punter than accepting unenhanced odds with another bookmaker.

That said, in terms of the sheer number of betting markets available, Bet365 Sports has the edge here.

VERDICT: Bet365 Sport

Odds comparison

This is best shown by means of a comparison of the odds available for the same bets from each company across a range of sports.

As a sample, we have taken six bets for forthcoming sporting events which are likely to be very popular bets with punters to discover which site tends to offer the best odds (shown in bold).

  1. Golf – Europe to Win the Ryder Cup : SkyBet – 4/9, Bet365 – 4/9
  2. Horse Racing – Treve to win the Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe SkyBet – 4/1, Bet365 – 4/1SkyBet Bet365 Sports Odds
  3. Motor Racing – Valttieri Bottas to win the Singapore Grand Prix – SkyBet 14/1, Bet365 – 20/1
  4. Soccer – Arsenal v Manchester City to finish as a draw – SkyBet 12/5, Bet365 5/2
  5. Politics – Scotland to vote “Yes” to independence – SkyBet 7/4, Bet365 15/8

What we have found is that generally the prices between SkyBet and Bet365 Sports are highly comparable, but if there is one site that tends to offer better prices, it is Bet365 Sports. The differences are only small, but over time and many bets, this can add up to a significant amount of money.

One thing to remember here is the effect that a SkyBet Price Boost can have on odds value. If your chosen bet is subject to a price boost from SkyBet then it can be markedly better to bet with them, than any other bookmaker.

For now though, Bet365 just shade the better odds, but the difference is only small.

VERDICT: Bet365 Sport

Ease of use

When it comes to ease of use then there’s little between the sites.

Both have an excellent desktop service and both have translated this onto mobile very well indeed. So much so that when it comes to sports betting on a mobile device, there are few companies that can claim to be as easy to bet with as SkyBet and Bet365 Sports.

SkyBet Bonus Boost PromotionBoth sites have an app that can be downloaded from the App Store and Bet365 also have an Android app which can be downloaded direct from the Bet365 site. SkyBet however can be accessed via an Android by using a browser and visiting the website as you would on a desktop PC.

Given that both sites are compatible with iOS and Android devices and are easy to access, the main difference is in the design and both are very similar, using menu driven systems to place bets by clicking through the options until you find a bet, click on the odds and in doing so add it to your betting slip.

Once on the slip, you then enter your chosen wager and click the button to place the bet. On both SkyBet and Bet365 Sports, placing any form of bet via mobile is both quick and easy to complete.

However, ease of use is not just about how you place the bets but also about how the software performs on a users device and in our opinion, the SkyBet site is the more stable site, especially via mobile and especially when using an Apple device.

While the Bet365 mobile site works as well the SkyBet site on an Apple device, we found that on an Android, it did suffer with more problems to do with lagging, disconnections and similar. In contrast, the SkyBet site worked well with the same Android device when accessed from the browser.


Cross-site compatibility

One other aspect we considered for users was how easy it was to transfer from SkyBet or Bet365 Sport to another site from the same provider, such as Sky Poker or Bet365 Bingo.

Given that many users, particularly mobile customers, are likely to enjoy gambling at more than one of the sites owned by the parent company, having strong cross-site links is key.

Sky Mobile Poker UK PromotionHere, there was a clear winner in my view. SkyBet operate all their products, Sky Bingo, Sky Poker, Sky Vegas and Sky Casino from the single SkyBet account.

Any real money in the SkyBet account can be freely used on any of the other sites without having to transfer cash from one account to another.

While you can play any of the Bet365 sister sites using your cash from Bet365 Sports, to do so you will need to transfer the funds into that account.

This is a little time consuming and does effectively mean that when you register with Bet365, you end up with four individual accounts (one for Bet365 Sports and Financials, one for Bet365 Poker, one for Bet365 Bingo and another for Bet365 Vegas, Bet365 Casino and Bet365 Games).

The positive aspect of this is that you can claim multiple bonuses (even from the same deposit) by transferring funds across accounts, but it does mean that if you don’t have money in your Bet365 Sports account, but do in your Bet365 Poker, you have to transfer this over before you can place a bet.

This is easy to do but it isn’t as quick or smooth to use as SkyBet’s system, hence SkyBet gets the nod here.


Financial details

Bet365 Financial InfoWhen it comes to financial aspects of the site then there is a clear winner in terms of choice and flexibility. SkyBet offer to receive payments via PayPal and Credit/Debit card via your mobile device (though more payment options are available on the desktop version of the site).

However, Bet365 Sports allow the user to use 15 different payment options, including PayPal, Credit/Debit cards and bank transfer in order to deposit to the site.

Both offer similar options when it comes to withdrawing money, therefore on that basis alone, Bet365 Sport is the clear winner when considering flexible payment options to fund your mobile betting.

VERDICT: Bet365 Sports

In play betting and live streaming services

Bet365 Sports In Play BettingUntil recently, Bet365 Sports had arguably the best live streaming and in play betting service you could find anywhere on the Internet.

SkyBet’s offering was some way behind but now they have released SkyBet Player and Sky Bet and Watch.

Essentially, both services are theoretically the same, punters can log in and watch streamed sporting events for free, or in the case of horse racing, if they make a qualifying bet. With SkyBet this is £1 in value, but with Bet365 Sport, the qualifying bet only has to be £0.50p.

What is also clearly evident looking at the sites is that while SkyBet do have a player, it is not easily accessed from within its app (you can find it on a mobile device by searching for it from your browser) but it tends to show mostly horse racing, at a cost.

In contrast, Bet365 streams live sport direct to your mobile device (provided you have placed a bet within the past 24 hours, or have a credit balance in your account).

Simply put, this means that for live streaming services and in play betting, Bet365 Sports are still considerably the best option over SkyBet at present.

VERDICT: Bet365 Sports


So what can we draw as a conclusion?

Well, clearly both sites have their positive points and negative. SkyBet scores particularly well on its usability, the number of promotions available on the site and how easy it is to use other Sky sites from the same SkyBet account.

SkyBet Bet365 Poker ReviewsBet365 Sports however scores well in terms of slightly better odds on some markets, greater payment options, a far superior in play betting and live streaming service and slightly better in terms of the range of betting markets available for a typical sporting event.

In terms of new player offers, both sites score well and it does very much depend on how much you wish to deposit and how often you bet (and how much) as to which site offers you the best deal. The good news being, you can’t really go wrong with either.

Indeed, that is very much the case when viewing both sites overall. Both offer a supreme mobile sports betting service and it is impossible to separate them. In our view, the site that is best suited to you, is the site which provides you with the features you value most best of all.

However in our opinion, if you join either site, you won’t be disappointed and given the bonus payments on offer, there is a strong argument to join both and you will have all your mobile gambling needs sorted for some quite considerable time.

If absolutely FORCED to pick, though…

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