Sunset Beach Slot Review

There are occasions when you load up a slot game and take one look at what is on screen and wonder what on earth it is you are about to play. While Sunset Beach is clearly recognisable as a slot game from the moment you load it up, it does feel like a slot game on steroids, given that there is not just one reel set to play, but four.

Playable now at Coral Casino, this is an immense slot game that when you add everything up on the four reels boasts a total of 80 pay lines in play on each spin and a minimum wager of £0.80, although you can ramp that up to a massive £2,000 per spin. As such, this makes Sunset Beach one of the rare slots that is ideal for the higher roller player.

Each of the four sets of reels contains the same symbols, a mix of playing card low symbols and then a number of medium value symbols which include a volleyball, a cold drinks can, and a cocktail in a glass. There are also three higher paying symbols on the reels and these are the three ladies who adorn the slot.

The blonde haired lady offers a 1,000 coin jackpot, the brunette a 1,500 coin jackpot while the black-haired beauty offers the largest cash prize of 3,000 coins for five across a payline. These symbols also serve another purpose in the game which we will explore in more detail when we look at the slots key features.

When you click Spin all four reel sets will spin but they do resolve in order, with the top left reels coming to a halt first, then the top right, followed by the bottom left and bottom right. This is important as some of the bonus features are reliant upon which reels they land on as to what effect they will have on the outcome of a spin.

Once you have got your head around the fact that you are playing a Playtech game comprising of four separate but identical slots per spin and that keeping track of everything on screen is initially somewhat confusing but over time gets easier, then you can start to unlock some of the more advanced features of the slot and in truth, there are only a couple you need to concern yourself with.

Sunset Beach slot Key Features

There are just two features of the Sunset Beach slot that go beyond what happens in the base game and the first is how the Wild symbols interact beyond their own reel set. The three ladies are the three Wilds in the game and they are stacked on the middle three reels of each of the four slots.

When you land one of these symbols on one of those reels, then they will expand to cover the reel. However not only that, they will then clone themselves and appear on the same reel on the next reel set in the game. This means if you land the Expanded Wild on the first reel set, then it will expand across all four. However land it on the third, and it will just clone itself to the fourth reel set as the first two reels will have already come to a halt.

Of course, the greater number of Cloned beach babes you can land across the reels on a single spin, the greater your chances of triggering a higher value win on one or more of the reels, and yes you can win large amounts on any of the four reel sets when you trigger these bonuses.

The other symbol to look out for in the Sunset Beach slot is the Free Games symbol. This is only placed on the third reel on each of the four reel sets and in order to trigger the Free Spins bonus, you need to land the Free Games symbol on each of the four different sets of reels on a single spin.

When you land four of these symbols you win 15 free spins, which is where you spin all four reels 15 times to see what you can win. No other changes are obvious on the reels, which is a tad disappointing to be honest, but the good news is that you can win any number of additional free spins during your bonus spins by landing the Free Games symbol on the reels once again.

You don’t have to land all four Free Games symbols at once either. Any single of these symbols landing on any of the four reels will win you two more free spins. This can result in some lengthy free spins sessions if you can manage to keep landing these symbols on the reels during the bonus game.

Sunset Beach is a slot which initially appears to be somewhat daunting and complicated given how it looks when you first load it up, but what you find as you play is that you are essentially playing a simple slot game, four times at once. The bonus features work well across the reels and can result in some sizeable base game wins, but the Free Spins round is where bigger value wins can be found, but once again, this is a very hit and miss bonus and you can win big, or win just small amounts from your free spins.

If you like the idea of more is better, then the Sunset Beach slot from Playtech will certainly tick all the right boxes for you to enjoy, though fans of more complicated slots may find that the excitement of having four reels spinning starts to wear off in a relatively short amount of time.


Editor's Review

Why have one slot, when you can have four Playtech seem to have reasoned with the Sunset Beach slot. What the company have done here is develop one game, repeat it four times and then add a couple of features to link the reels together and then hope that it works well. The good news is, that it really does. A lot happens on screen and the bonus features work well across the reels, but this can be an expensive slot to play with four sets of reels each with 20 paylines in play. That’s a minimum spin of £0.80 but you can wager up to £2,000 per spin if you prefer.

Where can I play?Coral Casino
Number of paylines:20 per reel set, 4 reel sets. 80 in total.
Number of reels:4 x 5 reels - 20 in total
Is autoplay available?Yes
Game manufacturer:Playtech