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Find Out What Supports Are Out There For Gambling Addiction

Are you looking for support for a gambling addiction?

There are many different types of support you can get. It might take some time to figure out exactly what support types suit you best. But once you do, it’ll be the most important thing you’ve ever done.

You might be looking for yourself if you have a gambling addiction or on behalf of a loved one. Whoever needs the help, there are lots of options out there and lots of people, both professional and peers, who are ready to give a helping hand.

Treatment centres

Residential support for gambling addiction can help you break a sometimes decades-long habit. For many people, entering a residential treatment centre for addiction is a real turning point.

You enter and live in the centre for several weeks. Then you can drill down on tackling the root of your addiction, alongside a multidisciplinary team of experts. And you can get support from the other residents too.

It might seem drastic, but if you are finding it difficult to quit by yourself, this is a brilliant way to try to get on top of your addiction and stop for good.

One-on-one support for gambling addiction

There are many different types of counselling and therapy support for gambling addiction. There are different styles of this, so it’s worth looking into the various options to find out the type of one-to-one support that might suit you.

If you’re based in the United Kingdom, you can ask Be Gamble Aware advisers to suggest what type of counselling or therapy might suit you best.

This can be done in person, online or on the phone. And you can also decide on the frequency that suits you. Whether you need to see someone several times a week, once a month or anything in between.

Group support for gambling addiction

One of the things many recovering gambling addicts find useful is to talk to people who have been through similar experiences.

People in the group can help one another through difficult times and celebrate successes. Plus it’s a great place to find someone to talk to if you’re new to support groups. Sometimes those who have stopped gambling a long time ago can be excellent support for someone who has given up more recently.

You can find support groups for gambling addiction in person and also online. An alternative, but related option, is to use online chat rooms and forums to find people to talk to.

This kind of support for gambling addiction is best suited to those who have already accepted they have a problem. It’s also an excellent supplementary support, on top of more one-to-one based supports.

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Be Gamble Aware is UK-based organisation that works to provide education and help for those seeking to learn more about gambling and to overcome an addiction.

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