What Are Instant Win Games at Bet365 Games?

If you can imagine yourself walking into a casino, then you likely think of games like roulette being played, or perhaps people sat around the card table playing games like blackjack, baccarat or poker.

Alternatively, you may have a more modern image of people heading into the massive slots halls that are commonplace in the likes of Monte Carlo or Las Vegas where a bewildering array of machines offer players the chance to spin for a win of a lifetime.

Unsurprisingly, online casinos such as bet365 Casino md Bet365 Games have taken a leaf out of the book of their real-world contemporaries by offering many of the same attractions as you would find in a real world casino, but in addition, online casinos have enhanced the products that they offer to customers.

The fact that these games are programmable and digitised versions, rather than mechanical machines means the Internet has allowed game developers to be a little more creative with their offerings.

As such, we have seen the rise of a number of different alternatives you can play in an online casino and one particular type of game available is the Instant Win game.

If you already know what an Instant Win game is and would like the opportunity to try playing some of the best available online today, then you need a great casino and an even better starter deal to get you playing on the site.

Head on over and check out our current bet365 Review to learn more.

However, if you are more interested in what the best instant wins games are at bet365 Games, and you want to learn a bit more about some of the best games to win on bet365, then read on!

What are the Best Instant Win Games?

As the name suggests, Instant Win games in an online casino are games that you can win cash or occasionally other prizes on, in an instant.

They are online versions of the same kinds of Instant Win games that you can purchase from retailers in the high street, a good example of which are the Lottery Scratchcard games.

However, online versions of these games can have a number of advantages over high street versions.

Firstly, you can often play online Instant Win games at a variety of prices (compared to just a single price for a typical Scratchcard game card), which allows people to play at a level more suited to them, with the prizes available proportional to the amount wagered on playing the game.

Secondly, there is more flexibility in the type of games available online compared to in the high street and you will often get a broader selection of games, playable at different prices over a wider selection of different themes, than you would find in a retail outlet.

The whole premise of Instant Win games is that you can pay to play, ‘scratch’ off the panels or similar to reveal the prize and you will know instantly whether you have won or lost.

If you have won, then the prize will be paid to you immediately on completion of the game.

What kinds of Instant Win games are available at bet365 Games?

Although all instant win type games are based around the premise of a quick reveal and a fast decision as to whether you win or not, allowing for rapid successive play of games, there are some slightly different types of bet365 Instant Games.

We will divide these up broadly into two different categories, although there is significant overlap between the three types of game and they are all generally similar to each other.

  1. Scratchcard-type games

These are the games available at bet365 Games that tend to offer players the most similar experience to playing your standard scratchcard in the shop.

They can be based on many different subjects and some providers, such as Microgaming, are now developing their own Scratchcard games based on slot games.

In these games you tend to need to match items or cash amounts in order to win a stated prize. If you match objects, then these objects will correspond with a cash prize win that tends to range from you receiving a win equivalent to your stake, to an amount many hundreds or thousands of times that amount.

Some of the best examples of this genre of Instant Win game at bet365 Games includes:

  • Blistering 7s Fortune
  • Spin O Reely
  • Medieval Melee
  • Deal Or No Deal (Progressive Jackpot)
  • The Price Is Right

These games can be played for a variety of prices, meaning that they can suit the pocket of the smaller stakes player, as well as those who want to play for more money per game.

  1. Pull Tab Games

I always feel that Pull Tab games as they are called at bet365 Games are the closest things to slot games that you can play, without actually playing a slot.

It is not surprising therefore to discover that a number of the Pull Tab games available on the bet365 Games site are Instant Win versions of popular slot games, also available at bet365 Games.

These games have a number of ‘lines’ on them and the aim, as is the case on slot games, is to land the same symbol across these lines.

The different symbols in the game have a different value and the higher the value of the symbol, then the more you win.

In some of the more complex Instant Win pull tab games, you have other symbols on the reels, such as Wild symbols (which can substitute for any symbol) and even Scatter symbols (which can win you a prize if landed anywhere on the lines in sufficient numbers).

Scatter wins can often come in the form of additional free games on your chosen scratchcard.

As you can tell from the set up of the games, these Instant Win options are designed for those that enjoy slot games and some of the best examples on the site include:

  • Re-Trigger Happy
  • Shuffle Bots
  • Super Graphics Upside Down
  • Cashing Rainbows
  • Spin Dizzy
  • Triple Kings
  • 8th Wonder
  • 6 Appeal
  • Fire Works
  • Money Matrix
  • Snapshot
  • Double Your Dough

One thing to note with these types of game is that bet365 Games does update its offering regularly and while new titles are added frequently, some older or less popular titles may be taken off the site too.

Remember too, you can enjoy a wide range of casino games, poker and sports betting if you are based in the United States by joining up with one of the new online casino sites that are now fully legal across the state.

For more details check out the site for information available in the link which will give you details on a great offer available if you would like to sign up to see what Instant Win games are available to you in your state.

Why Should You Play Instant Win Games?

Why should you play instant win games? It’s a good question, but in truth, it is pretty much self-evident.

The range of bet365 instant games means that not only will you have a wider selection of games to pick from, but you’ll find games bet365 customers reckon are better value than alternatives, such as lottery scratchcards.

The scalability of your purchase per scratchcard or pull tab game, which can be as little as 10p, combined with how easy they are to play (you don’t even need to recognise a win – your winning ticket will be paid out automatically), makes them a perfect choice for someone who likes playing games of chance.

Similarly, in terms of your chances of winning, Scratchcards are some of the best games to win on bet365, and although those huge wins are rare, they are still possible!

So if you are all slotted out and don’t want to shell out £10 for a National Lottery scratchcard, then bet365 games instant win games are the perfect choice for you.

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