What Virtual Football Offerings can I Pick From at bet365?

When it comes to Virtual Sports offerings at bet365, you don’t just have one site available to you. Instead, bet365 offers a range of different Virtual Sports offerings across a number of its sites, with bet365 Games and bet365 Sport being two of those sites that tend to offer the most in terms of options.

Although there are a number of sporting virtuals to choose from on these sites, one of the most popular is Virtual Football. And the good news is that there is no longer just one option for punters seeking a football fix in the virtual world. That’s because there are now two more additional virtual football-themed games available to play at bet365 Games.

It’s not just in the UK that virtual sports are popular though, with Virtual Sports starting to gain a foothold in the American market, Virtual sports games, including Virtual Football variations, are now starting to become available in American casinos. If you are based in Pennsylvania and want to see what casinos have to offer by you, check out the latest playsugarhouse promo code for all the latest details.

Virtual Football at bet365 Sport

The very first soccer-themed virtual at bet365 was at bet365 Sports. The game features three different competitions you can bet on, which essentially are replications of the Premier League, a top European competition such as the Champions League and an International football version.

Each of the three different types of options are very similar in terms of how the game plays out. Each game lasts around three minutes. Roughly half of that time is allocated for people to place their bets on one of a number of different markets available for each game.

The remainder of the time available is used to display the highlights of the game. This includes all the goals scored in the game (a maximum of four can be scored in any match) and also any near misses, goalkeeper saves or other goal attempts that are deemed highlight-worthy.

Once the highlights have been completed a brief recap of the game and score is shown with a list of winning bets, which are then paid out and a new game with two new randomly selected teams then starts with time for players to place their bets.

This particular virtual offering has proven to be one of the more popular at bet365 Sports as it does offer a number of bets that are the same as what you can get on real life football (such as betting on the outcome of a match, or the correct score market for example).

However, the fact that it takes three minutes to run through an entire game does make it a little slower paced, especially for punters coming to sports from more of a casino background, but fortunately, there is now a game available at bet365 Games that addresses this issue.

Instant Soccer at bet365 Games

Instant Soccer takes on the baton from Virtual Football and runs with it a little further.This is a much newer version of Virtual Football and it does show a little. First off, the graphics are improved and there is a new, less repetitive commentary available on the highlights package. Roughly the same number and type of bets are available in Instant Soccer as are on Virtual Football.

However, where Instant Soccer does improve on Virtual Football is in a number of areas. Firstly, Instant Soccer does give you some data about each of the team, including data on their past six results in the game, as well as a strength-meter displaying the relative strength of the team against their opponent.

The biggest difference though is that Instant Soccer is not a site-wide game which means that the pace of play can be dictated by the player, rather than a timer. Players need to click a button when they have placed their bets to start the game and if they so wish, they can skip the highlights of the game and go straight to the final result.

This can speed up the pace of the game considerably and allows players to play as quickly, or as slowly, as they would like.

That said, some of the limitations and the lack of realism (once again, only up to four goals can be scored in games in Instant Soccer), means that it isn’t as diverse as real life football. However, there is now an option on bet365 Games that is precisely that.

Virtual Soccer at bet365 Games

Virtual Soccer at bet365 Games takes an entirely different approach to Virtual Football. First of all, there are no highlights in the game and this virtual is not generally about betting on the outcome of a single game. Instead, what you have is a replication of an entire football season, 20 team leagues completing 38 games, all of which you can have a bet on in the match result market.

This is the only bet available in Virtual Soccer other than betting on the outright league winner, which is available only over the first part of the season.

However, the sheer number of leagues available in the game is immense. There are 57 leagues you can select to bet on, and they are all based on real life leagues around the world, such as the Premier League, Championship, League One and League Two. Some leagues have had to have the number of teams competing increased or decreased to fit the 20-team template, and each season progresses at the same rate in the game. So, if you are on game day 3 in the Premier League, you will be at the same game day in all other leagues.

You can also scroll through all the available leagues at any time to place bets on matches in that league and all the teams included in each league are based on real life teams, so instead of Manchester Red or Merseyside Red, you would have Manchester United and Liverpool listed.

A further dash of realism is added in the fact that the relative strengths of each team in each league is roughly based on their season 2019-20 performances and strengths, so the results and odds that you get for the main betting markets are generally similar to what you would find in the real world.

So as you can see, there are an increasing number of virtual football-related games available at bet365 sites and they are growing in complexity, quality and diversity. As Virtual Sports technology improves, so will the quality of games and it is exciting to note that we are only at the start of this exciting new industry within the betting and gambling realm.