Wheel of Wishes Slot Review

Few slot games have had the build up to release quite as intense as the new Wheel of Wishes slot by Alchemy Gaming, as part of their deal to produce content for Microgaming. When news broke that this new slot would adopt the old Wowpot! progressive jackpot (which used to be just a few thousand pounds), and would instead revamp it as a massive 2 million seeded progressive jackpot prize, fans of progressive slots have been eagerly awaiting its release.

The slot was given a limited release at a select number of casinos for a few weeks before its general release in February, but now that it has been released in full, many fans are now getting their first taste of this unusual 10-pay line slot, that can be played in one of two modes, either the standard base game mode, or the more expensive Power Mode.

The question is, has all the hype meant that this slot can’t live up to expectation, or is it a game that will have slot fans gagging for more? We decided to take a closer look to find out.

Where can I play the Wheel of Wishes slot game?

The good news is that after a limited release, the Wheel of Wishes slot is now available on general release across a wide range of casinos offering Microgaming games. That of course includes bet365 Games which has a massive choice of great slot games, including original games, other Microgaming progressives as well as a fine choice of casino games available to play too.

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Let’s now take a look at some of the key information for this brand new progressive jackpot slot from Microgaming, featuring a record-breaking 2 million seeded top progressive prize!

Key Information for the Wheel of Wishes game

  • Developed By – Alchemy Gaming (for Microgaming)
  • Mobile – Yes
  • Number of Reels – 5×3
  • Number of Pay Lines – 10
  • Minimum Bet – 0.10 (1.00 in Power Mode)
  • Maximum Bet – 25.00 (250.00 in Power Mode)
  • Free Spins Bonus? – No
  • Other Bonuses? –  Yes
  • Standard Jackpot – 500x in base game
  • Progressive? – Yes (see below)
  • Volatility? – High

The Wowpot! Progressive jackpot is just one of four progressive jackpot prizes available to win on the Wheel of Wishes slot. To win any of the four prizes, you need to activate the Jackpot Bonus Game, which can only be achieved on a Power Spin. The four progressive jackpot prizes go from Mini (seeded at 10.00), Minor (seeded at 100.00), Major (seeded at 50,000) and lastly Wowpot! (seeded at 2,000,000). The Wowpot! prize is the largest ever seeded amount guaranteed in a Microgaming slot, surpassing the 1 million seed amount of the Mega Moolah slot.

Theme and Presentation

The Wheel of Wishes slot is based on an Arabian theme and the backdrop, in the base game mode, is a sandy desert during the day (in Power Mode or on a Power Spin, this will instead turn to night and in truth, it looks a lot more effective in this mode). The main controls of the slot are below the reels and the reels are dead centre of the screen.

The main thing to note here is that you can play Wheel of Wishes in two game modes. The standard game mode plays as a traditional 5×3 reel slot game, with the chance to activate a Power Spin mode when you land two or more Scatters on the reel.

Alternatively, and for 10x the standard wager you played in the base game, you can switch to Power Mode which ensures every spin on the slot is a Power Spin. Power Spins are key in the game as they are the only way you can land a chance to spin the Progressive Jackpot Bonus Wheel and a chance to win one of the four progressive jackpot prizes.


The symbols on the reels of the Wheel of Wishes slot are very familiar and they start with the lower value symbols, which are the four playing card suits (clubs, hearts, diamonds and spades) as well as a circle symbol. Higher value symbols are more linked in with the Arabian theme of the slot and feature things such as potions, treasure chests, an amulet and a genies lamp.

When a Power Spin is triggered or played in Power Mode, none of the five lower value symbols are used in this part of the game, with only the four higher value symbols (and the Scatter) used. The reel set changes from a standard 5×3 reels, to just the first and fifth reels, plus a large middle reel. On this middle reel are super-sized (3×3) versions of the higher value symbols and the Scatter.

During a Power Spin, the two outer reels will turn into a whirlwind and will resolve to display just one symbol in each of the three positions in each reel. If you can then match that to the large symbol in the middle, you can win five symbol wins across one or multiple pay lines.

Land the large Scatter symbol on the large middle reel in full, then you trigger the Jackpot Bonus Wheel game and a chance to guarantee yourself  one of the four progressive jackpot prizes.

Wild Symbol

The Wild symbol is very easy to recognise in the Wheel of Wishes slot as it is the only symbol that is stacked up to three high across the five reels in the base game. It is a key symbol in landing some of the better wins in the base game and obviously, the more Wilds you can land across the reels, the more likely you stand of winning a better sum of money.

In addition, five Wilds on the reels sees you land a cash prize of 50x your stake, which is the second largest prize available in the base game.

There is no Wild symbol in play on a Power Spin, whether activated from the base game or by using Power Mode.

Free Spins Bonus

There is no Free Spins bonus on the Wheel of Wishes slot, but what you have instead are Power Spins. In the base game, these are activated by landing two or more Scatters on the reels on any spin. For this you receive one free Power Spin, which if you are lucky enough to land the large symbol Scatter in full on the big middle reel, you could trigger the Jackpot Bonus Wheel game on.

Alternatively, if you switch to Power Mode, then the Power Spins are in play on every spin, but the cost of a power mode spin is 10x your standard bet in the standard mode. So if you play for £1.00 per spin in standard game mode, it is £10 per spin in power mode. Of course, when you play in Power Mode, every spin offers you a chance at landing a shot at the Jackpot Bonus Wheel game, but it does mean that all of the smaller value wins you can land in the base game are not available.

Other Bonuses and Information

The most exciting part of the Wheel of Wishes slot is the Jackpot Bonus Wheel game. Here you spin and will win one of the four progressive jackpot prizes, although your chances of winning the two smaller prizes are much higher than they are of winning the two very large prizes. This is a simple wheel spinning game where you spin the wheel and whatever jackpot prize the pointer is pointing at at the end of the spin, is the prize you win.


Editor's Review

With its 2 million seeded prize pool, the Wheel of Wishes slot offers gamers the biggest ever seeded jackpot prize in Microgaming history. The game itself is innovative and offers a choice of game modes and that means it should appeal to all kinds of players. This is a fantastic slot game and it will stand alongside Mega Moolah as one of the top progressive jackpot games for many years to come.

Where can I play?bet365 Games
Number of paylines:10 non selectable
Number of reels:5x3
Is autoplay available?Yes
Game manufacturer:Alchemy Gaming