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Why Slot Gamers Will Love Both Video Poker and Virtual Sports

What is the most popular form of casino game, both in the real world and in online casinos? You may think that the likes of blackjack, baccarat or poker are the most popular types of casino game, or maybe roulette, but by far and away the most popular in terms of users and also in terms of revenue generated, are slot games.

Slots make up the vast proportion of a casino’s revenue and as such, they are the most important attraction that a site or land-based casino can offer. Certainly, with the massive increase in the number of slots being released each year (Microgaming alone have released 38 different games this year so far, the vast majority of them slots) it shows that there are no signs that customers love affair with the reels is slowing down.

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While it is tempting to think that slot games stand alone as a particular niche market in casino gaming, that is not necessarily the case. There are some casino games you can play that are in many ways, very similar to slot games, even though on outward appearances they may well not be.

In this article we are going to look at two such products, the first is video poker which you will find at the vast majority of online casinos, and the second is Virtual Sports, which can be found in both online casinos and also sports betting sites.

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Let’s begin our look at games similar to slots, even though they don’t appear to be, by taking a look at one of the games that is a firm favourite with customers at the bookmaker, ostensibly due to its low house edge. Video Poker.

Video Poker

For those of you who have not played Video Poker, this is the single-player version of video pokerpoker that is played on machines or software at casinos across the globe. There are a very great number of different formats of the game, with slightly different rules for each. In some versions Jokes are included in the pack as Wild Cards, in others the Deuces (Two value cards) are wild.

Even though there are many different variations of the game, the actual mechanics of how you play the game are very similar regardless of what game it is that you play. You are dealt one hand of five poker cards (or more if you are playing multi-hand video poker).

Your aim is to create the highest value poker hand from the cards you are dealt and then by swapping out cards you do not want in your hand, with fresh selections selected from the pack. After you have swapped cards, you can then see what the value of your hand is. The higher the value of your hand over a set hand, then the greater the value of your win. If your hand ranks below the lowest paying hand, then you lose.

Often, the name of the version of video poker will tell you what the lowest ranked hand in the game is. Tens or Better for example, means any pair of two cards with a value of 10 or greater, will earn you a payout. Jacks or Better, is the same but the lowest paying hand is a pair of jacks.

Payouts are calculated as a multiple of your bet with the highest value hands, that are much more difficult to hit, paying out the largest jackpot prizes in the game.

The reason Video Poker is very similar to slot games is that essentially, you have five cards in play, which are similar to the five reels. You also have a random number generator deciding which cards you land, similar to the RNG on a slot picking which symbols you see on the reels.

Also there is no real skill required in Video Poker, although you can play to a certain strategy to try and help you win more often. Essentially though, once you deal the cards, you are at the mercy of the random number generator as to whether you win or not, just  like a slot.

In essence, you are seeking a pattern on the cards that is a winner, like seeking a pattern across the reels that is a winner and as such, this is why there is a strong cross-over between slot gamers and video poker players in many online and real world casinos.

Virtual Sports Betting

Virtual Sports are the computerised versions of real sports events which emulate a fixture in that specific sport. Bets are taken on the fixture before the event starts and then the computer software works out the result of the fixture and shows the result in a special highlights package on screen.

Each Virtual Sport has bets available that pertain to the most popular types of bets available on the real-life events in that particular sport. So for example, in Virtual Soccer, you can bet on the result of a game (home win, draw or away win), or the correct score of the match.

Upon first inspection it seems unlikely that slots gamers are going to find anything to keep them entertained here, unless they like sports betting also, but as odd as it may seem, Virtual Sports and Slots share many similar characteristics, they are just presented very differently.

All Virtual Sports are controlled by a random number generator at heart, the same process that controls a slot game. No skill is required in Virtual Sports and no knowledge of the sport is required. The only guides players have are the odds on selected bets, based on the internal handicapping applied across that Virtual Sports fixture.

When viewed in that way, it is easy to see why Virtual Sports are very similar to slot games. Indeed, in the United States, in some states where sports betting is not yet legal, vendors are allowed to offer Virtual Sports betting as it is more like slot gaming, than real sports betting.

Just as you can play different slots with different features, you can try different Virtual Sports which offer different bets and a different experience to the other games.

Bet365 offers an extensive range of both Virtual Sports (including Virtual versions of Soccer, Greyhounds, Horseracing, Cycling, Trotting, American Football, Cricket, Darts, Speedway and Motor Racing) and Video Poker on its site alongside an extensive range of slots across three dedicated casino sites. So why not see if you enjoy the other games as much as you love the slots?