Will You Be A Football Jackpot Winner This Weekend At Coral Sport?

One of the best things about joining a top ranked UK online casino such as Coral Vegas is that your membership will open the door to plenty of other great offers and promotions, many of which Coral Vegas Review and Free Bonuswill be available on sister sites.

Of course, your Coral Vegas membership (which still has a fantastic no deposit required bonus code offer running) means that you are now free to explore all the other sites in the Coral family and one such site you should definitely take a closer look at, especially if you are a football fan, is the Coral Sports betting site.

Now what is so special about Coral Sports you may ask? Well, the first thing is the sheer wealth of sports betting available on the site, as well as In Play betting, esports betting, Virtual Sports betting and even live streaming of  many sporting events. However what you may be very interested in, is Coral Sports exciting Football Jackpot promotion.

This offer gives Coral customers the chance for just a minimum entry of £1, to win a huge jackpot prize every weekend of the football season. It is one of the most popular promotions at Coral Sports for a variety of reasons, which we are going to explore in more detail as we look at the promotion closely below.

What is Coral’s Football Jackpot promotion?

You can locate the Coral Football Jackpot promotion by clicking on the link to it on the homepage of Coral Sports. There is a tab link to this promotion shown at all times on the site, as well as a direct link to it in the Soccer section of the site too.

Once you have loaded up the Football Jackpot promotion you will see the coupon displayed. On it are a total of a 15 football matches, taken from a variety of leagues and divisions, which are set to take place over the forthcoming weekend. Usually, the matches selected are taken from the four professional divisions in English football, the Premier League, Championship, League One and League Two, but on some weekends, other leagues and competitions, including international matches, may be used.

On the left of each game is displayed some basic information about the match including the date and time of the kick off. On the right of the game are three ovals, each one linked to one of the three possible outcomes for the match, a home team win, a draw or an away team win.

At the foot of the coupon you will also find some other information. One item is the Stake Per Line selector, which has a number of different values which you can select, ranging from £0.25 up to £20 per line. The minimum bet on this offer is £1, so some of the values may be greyed out until you have finalised your coupon.

Underneath this is the Bet Summary which displays details of your proposed bet, which updates in real time with the different selections you add and when you change the value of your Bet Stake and lastly there is the Place Bet button, which is what you click when you are happy with your coupon and bet size and want to place the bet and enter the Football Jackpot competition.

As you will have already likely guessed, the aim of the Football Jackpot game is to select at least one result for each of the games on the coupon and to get the result of that match correct. You must select at least one result for each of the 15 games selected on the coupon and you select the result by clicking on the relevant oval space and selecting it for each of the games.

However, what makes the Football Jackpot game different to other football prediction games, is that you are not limited to making just one selection for each match. You can, if you so wish, make two or even three selections for a single game. However doing so means you have an additional line to cover with your bet, the more permutations you select for each result, the more lines you will have to cover with your bet and so the value of your bet will increase.

As you make your selections, the Bet Value will update depending on your choices and when you have completed your selections, you can use the Stake Per Line options to reduce or increase the total value of your bet.

The trade off here is that you can select multiple scorelines for one game and this gives your bet more flexibility, but that comes at the price of paying for another entry at your chosen Stake Per Line amount. Once you have completed your coupon, all you need to do is click the Place Bet button and your entry into the Football Jackpot will be processed.

Lucky Dip Option

You can if you prefer leave your selections entirely to chance by using the Lucky Dip function available on the Football Jackpot. This will select one result for each of the 15 games at random and you can choose to enter that coupon, edit it or discard it and click it again for a new selection of games.

What prize is on offer for winning the Football Jackpot?

An important thing to note here is that there is not a single prize available for winning the Football Jackpot. The amount of money on offer depends on the amount of money wagered on the game in that weekend, plus any money that is available in the Rollover fund from previous weeks where no jackpot has been won.

Each week of all the money Coral take from bets on the Football Jackpot, 70% of that money is added to the Jackpot prize fund. 20% is added to the prize fund for people who get 14/15 results correct and 10% is added to the 13/15 results prize fund.

So if Coral take £200,000 on a weekend on the Football Jackpot game, then £140,000 will go on the Jackpot Prize, £40,000 on the 14/15 runner up prize and £20,000 on the 13/15 prize.

After the results of all 15 matches on the Jackpot Game are known, Coral will then check all the submitted coupons for winning tickets. Obviously, there will be more 13/15 winners, than 14/15 winners and there will be more of these than jackpot winners landing all 15 result correctly.

Let’s say that on one particular weekend, Coral took £200,000 in cash on The Football Jackpot game. Dividing this up between the winning pots would mean £140,000 available for 15/15 results, £40,000 available for 14/15 results and £20,000 available for 13/15 results hit correctly.

Now let’s say that two players manage to land 15/15 results, 40 players hit 14/15 and 200 players hit 13/15 results.

  • In this case, the two players who get the maximum 15/15 results would share the £140,000 between them, receiving £70,000 each.
  • The 40 players that hit 14/15 results would share the £40,000 prize equally giving them a prize of £1,000 apiece.
  • Finally, the 200 players who hit 13/15 results share the £20,000 prize between them, which means they would receive £100 each as their dividend.

The Rollover

If in any week, no players hit the 15/15 results required to land the jackpot, then the funds in the Jackpot Prize roll over to the next week. So in the example above, if no players landed the 15/15 results, £140,000 would roll over into the next week prize pool for the jackpot prize.

When several jackpots one after the other are not won, the size of the jackpot on offer can swell considerably and this is another attractive option as to why the Coral Football Jackpot game is so popular with punters.